#NCSEN: A Klingon tries to make it a Five-some

Klingon2We’ve been hearing about efforts to get former state legislator John Rhodes qualified as a write-in candidate.  Now, it appears a Klingon-speaking former town councilman from Indian Trail is trying to get qualified as a write-in for the US Senate race.  David Waddell has a web site up — making a pitch to conservative and libertarian (and apparently Star Trek-loving) voters to write his name on to the ballot for US Senate in November.

Waddell resigned his town council seat with a letter written in the Klingon language.  We may get more communication from him in Klingon — so we are glad to provide you with a handy Klingon-to-English translation site. wadd

We here at Haymaker HQ are REALLY hoping to see a debate between Waddell and THIS GUY — Libertarian Party nominee Sean Haugh.  That would be a hell of a lot more interesting than the stage-managed consultant-scripted sound-bite crap we’ve seen in the debates so far.  

Establishment heads from Murphy-to-Manteo are exploding over the very thought of the John Rhodes write-in effort.  Rhodes, this site, and a number of other grassroots entities have been accused of being fronts for Kay Hagan AND George Soros. * It is AMAZING how much passion there is out there for the guy who got into politics because he wanted the government to build a bike trail, and has chairing the Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee as his number one agenda item once he gets to DC.*

It’s not enough to simply replace Hagan. It’s most important to ensure the right ideas are being pushed in DC. It’s pointless to replace a leftist Democrat with a Republican who enjoys “governing” way too much.  The GOP OWNED DC from 2001 to 2007, and government and spending exploded. 

We think the entry of Rhodes — and anyone else — into the race is a healthy exercise of the democratic process.  Hopefully, Rhodes — and maybe Haugh and the Klingon — will help Speaker Thom come back from the Dark Side and discover the beauty of limited government. There’s a lot of time.


2 thoughts on “#NCSEN: A Klingon tries to make it a Five-some

  1. One needs to look at Sean Haugh very closely.

    If Tim D’Annunzio had won the Libertarian primary, he would have been a respectable candidate for conservatives to vote for, as, after all he was really a Tea Party Republican who had been GOP Congressional nominee in the 4th district in 2012 and ran first in the the first primary for Congress in the 8th district in 2010, only to be defeated in the runoff after the state GOP openly meddled in the race.

    Haugh, however, is a left Libertarian, who is extremely anti-war and believes in open borders. With the threat the country faces from illegal aliens invading our borders, voting for Haugh would send the wrong message.

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