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“Endangered” NC Democrats running to right of challengers in US House races?

Quick.  In North Carolina’s Seventh Congressional District, can you guess which candidate won the endorsements of conservative establishment groups like the National Rifle Association,  Concerned Women for America, The National Federation of Independent Businesses, and  Americans for Legal Immigration?  If you guessed Republican nominee David Rouzer, you’d be wrong. What…

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I’ll take endangered big spenders for a trillion, Alex

  The folks at the NRCC in Washington have come up with a creative little web site that should appeal to the fans of the popular long-running game show Jeopardy. Kissell – a Democrat representing North Carolina’s 8th district since 2008 – has been targeted by state and national Republicans….

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When will the NCGOP learn?

            This little jewel just popped up on our Twitter feed:   @scott_lasterScott Laster RT @McHenryCampaign: We need your help to reach our Facebook goal. Like our campaign page & help us reach 600 tonight!… Scott Laster is the “executive director” of The North Carolina Republican…

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Congressman McIntyre: Barry who?

Mike McIntyre (D-Lumberton) has represented North Carolina’s 7th District  since 1996.  He’s voted for Democrats for Speaker, but has still managed to get campaign contributions from Republicans in the district.  McIntyre pretty much votes with his caucus, but sides with the Republicans on key issues like abortion and ObamaCare.  He’s…

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Kissell, Shuler, McIntyre part of D.C.’s ‘Dangerous Dozen’ list

      Veteran DC-based political analyst Stuart Rothenberg has singled out three congressmen from North Carolina as part of his ‘Dangerous Dozen’ list of incumbents most likely to go down to defeat in 2012: … Larry Kissell (D-N.C.). Kissell finds himself in a redrawn district that moves north into Republican-rich Davidson and…

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One MOORE entrant for the state senate GOP primary?

      Stuff keeps coming in over the transom about the state senate seat being vacated by retiring Republican Harris Blake of Pinehurst. Recent redistricting moved Blake and Moore County from the current district to District 29, which includes Randolph County and is currently represented by Senate Majority Whip…

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Trillions more in debt is GOOD for you. Trust US.

I have to give rare kudos to Democrats Larry Kissell and Mike McIntyre, who voted against the U.S. House deal to raise the federal debt ceiling — even if it might have been for the wrong reasons. Sixth District Republican congressman Howard Coble, who represents Moore County, and 2nd District…

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McIntyre: I’m running in NC-7 regardless of final map

Congressman Mike McIntyre has said publicly that he plans to run for reelection to his 7th district seat regardless of what the final redistricting map looks like.  Two maps have come out of the legislature.  The first map had more than half of McIntyre’s home county in Larry Kissell’s 8th…

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Redistricting reboot: From bad to worse for NC Democrats

The Left threw a major tantrum over the first congressional redistricting map released by the conservative majority in the North Carolina General Assembly.  Leftists claimed the map was unconstitutional, unfair to minorities, and WAY TOO GENEROUS to Republicans. The map-drawers in Raleigh received word that the federal government had concerns…

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GOP legislator eyeing Kissell challenge in NC-8

  Reports from Washington are that state Rep. Justin Burr (R-Albemarle) — no relation to our state’s senior U.S. Senator — is seriously eyeing  a challenge to two-term 8th district incumbent congressman Larry Kissell (D). The NCGOP is placing a lot of emphasis on this district. The current state chairman, Robin Hayes,…