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EVERYBODY loves Donald

The drivebys want to tell you President Trump is despised, hated, loathed in all corners.  Yet, you’re getting big business types — well-known suckups to Dems — praising our CINC.   The State of the Union speech last night got a 75% approval rating in a CBS poll.  Even more curious is the number of skittish RINOs and NeverTrumpers who appear to be stampeding for a spot under the Trump tent….

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Earmarks, the Helms way.

Somebody recently shared this letter-to-the-editor in The Wall Street Journal by Wayne Boyles, a former coworker during my Capitol Hill days: Rep. Mark Walker is correct (“GOP Maps a Road to Nowhere in November,” op-ed, Jan. 16. If Senate and House Republicans allow for the resumption of earmarks, they will be turned out of Congress and spend many years in the political wilderness. As a Senate staffer who worked for…

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Illegals storm Thilli$$$ Capitol Hill office

They raised Cain-itos outside Chuck Schumer’s house.  Now, they’re doing it in Thom’s DC digs. What gives?  Why are these people harrassing their amigos?  Could they just be in the wrong place?: Illegal aliens charged into pro-amnesty Sen. Thom Tillis’ (R-NC) Senate office on Capitol Hill demanding an immediate amnesty for all 12 to 30 million illegal aliens living in the United States, hurling insults in the process. As the…

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More Polling: Tilli$$$ fortunes slide deeper into the toilet

Morning Consult has come out with popularity polls for all 100 US senators for the fourth quarter of 2017.  Here are the highs and lows: Bernie Sanders is STILL the most popular senator with the home folks.  Hawaii’s Schatz(D) is a close second.  Wyoming’s Enzi (R) is third (and the most popular Republican in the Senate). Thom Tilli$$$ has a 37% approval rating.  To put that in perspective — Nevada…

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Tilli$$$ goes to bat for solar goons

In 2014, we got promised all kinds of action to kill ObamaCare.  Unfortunately, the man from Florida Tennessee Cornelius Huntersville has given us a whole lot of effort on stuff — illegal aliens and solar — that pleases his biggest donors. From Politico, here’s his latest bit of “crossing the aisle”: […] Reactions to the administration’s tariff announcement didn’t fall along the usual party lines in the Senate, where some…

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My government shut down, and I barely noticed.

If I hadn’t checked in with the drivebys this morning, I would have had no idea we were in the midst of a government shutdown. Of course, the drivebys want you to believe the country is paralyzed AND the GOP is to blame.   Never mind that the shutdown only affects federally-managed tourist attractions and a few other non-essential things. Yet the drivebys will find some families with kids crying…

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The CONTINUING continuing resolution scam

Passing a budget is one of their top constitutionally-mandated jobs.  Yet, our Congress hasn’t been able to get it done in NINE YEARS.  Every so often, we’ll hear about these “continuing resolutions” that HAVE to be passed so the old ladies, babies and puppies don’t die (because, of course, of a “government shutdown.”) Congress KNOWS when these resolutions expire.  They KNOW there is a deadline approaching.  WHY do they keep…

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“Former Bush Justice Department official” at heart of Helms-Farr smear has sordid radical left ties

The lefties are pounding away at Trump judicial nominee Tom Farr for, among other things, his work on behalf of the late US Senator Jesse Helms.  At the heart of the leftist attacks is testimony from “former Bush Justice Department official” Gerry Hebert.  Hebert was a harsh critic of some postcards sent out by the 1990 Helms campaign to black voters, and has resurfaced to claim: Farr (1) was behind…

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CR ratings: Tilli$$$ most liberal NCGOPer in DC

All of that crossing the aisle and ‘outcomes’ nonsense is paying off for the man from Florida Tennessee Cornelius Huntersville.  Conservative Review has their latest rankings out,  and here are some of the highlights: Ted Budd (R-13) tops the list with a perfect score of 100.  Mark Meadows (R-11) is a close second with a 95. Walter Jones (R-3) comes in third at 87.   (Kinda puts a dent in…

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#ncpol: Tilli$$$ on BOTH sides of the Trump Wall

Let’s travel back in time to our junior senator’s April visit to Tucker Carlson’s show: Our junior US senator was Tucker Carlson’s victim Monday night.  And the Fox host sat there for most of the segment in utter disbelief — like we often do at this site — at the utter bullshit and nonsense pouring out of this charlatan’s mouth. Carlson introduced Tillis as opposing the wall, which the senator quickly, um, “corrected”: “I…