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#NCSEN: In 2011, Speaker Thom thought state health insurance exchanges OK

Everyone agrees ObamaCare will be a huge issue in the 2014 elections.  In 2013, the General Assembly said NO to accepting federal money to set up a state health care exchange as part of ObamaCare’s implementation.  We reported on Tillis telling business leaders around the state in private meetings, around…

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O-Care: Liberating you from the, um, shackles of employment

Seriously.  That’s how the BarryO fan club is defending their pet monster against accusations, and a CBO report, suggesting that it will kill jobs by the millions. Kay Hagan has told us time and again that we’d learn to love ObamaCare –– if we just took time to understand it….

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O-Care: Lefties run damage control on Barry & Kay’s job-killing pet monster

The Congressional Budget Office — long the target of much love and affection by liberals and mainstream media types — is now feeling their wrath.  The CBO dared to publish data suggesting that ObamaCare will cost the US economy 2.5 million jobs by 2017. *Is THAT all?* The spin defending…

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#NCSEN: The shih-tzu and his friends drop a deuce on the GOP field

N&O executive editor John Drescher must be beaming with pride at the work of his lapdog, John “the shih-tzu” Frank.  That young man sure has assimilated well into the left-wing slander monkey culture of The N&O newsroom. A few months back, Frank attended a meeting of a Wake County crisis…

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The ObamaCare “study”: stoves are hot, ice is cold, socialism is BAD

Setting up a commission or a committee to “study” an issue is a great way for politicians to show they “care” –without actually doing anything substantive. “Fast and Furious,” anyone? Benghazi?  This week, state House speaker Thom Tillis and senate president pro tem Phil Berger announced the formation of a…

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Most of Common Core is OK. Just tweak it. O-Care? Forget repealing it. Let’s FIX IT.

It’s too bad that we have to turn to history books detailing events of generations long ago to appreciate principled American leaders.  These days — party platforms are flexible and “living” — *kinda like that Constitution thingie*.  Platform planks — like campaign promises — are merely gimmicks meant to excite…

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#NCSEN CFO Report: ObamaCare is a job killer! (um, SURPRISE ?????)

      The elites in government, media and academia are finally coming around to what we’ve known about ObamaCare for years now: Corporate financial chiefs say they expect to reduce hiring and also move more jobs to part-time status as a result of the Affordable Care Act, according to…

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Heritage: Raise the minimum wage? O-Care has ALREADY done it.

    The mainstream media has been dutifully regurgitating the lefty press releases demanding that the minimum wage be doubled immediately.  We even got PR events showing the paltry Thanksgiving meal that can be purchased on a minimum wage salary.  The really smart folks at the DC-based Heritage Foundation have…

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#NCSEN : Put A Cork In It.

Lefties have been giving me grief for personifying our junior US senator as a sock with ping-pong ball eyes and string for hair.  I wonder what they would say about McClatchy Rob likening Kay Hagan to a cork.  How disrespectful! A sock with ping pong ball eyes and string for…

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#NCSEN: “Global” Catfight in the Capital

        There have been a lot of great female pairings in American history.  Lucy & Ethel.  Laverne & Shirley.  Kate & Allie.  Thelma & Louise.  THE BARBI TWINS!!!! On Monday, North Carolina politics added one more pair of ladies to that distinguished group — Kay Hagan and…