Burr: Can’t stop Barry. Can’t stop O-Care.

r-RICHARD-BURR-DADT-large570US Senator – and chief fundraiser and cheerleader for Thom Tillis — Richard Burr says there’s not much hope for stopping BarryO’s agenda and that we can forget changing ObamaCare AT ALL until after 2016.  Nice.

Tricky Dick made these and other pronouncements at a recent John Locke Foundation event:


Let’s assume most readers have heard why Obamacare is unworkable. Just one fresh tidbit that made me queasy: “We anticipate increased premiums for 2014 to exceed 40 percent,” Burr said.

Burr, moreover, had a couple of insights that were new to me — and truly alarming.

First of all, Congress has only two real powers to check a reckless president, he said. One is the power of the purse. But, Burr said, voters and even some conservatives found the last couple of debt crises so “unpalatable” that cutting funding isn’t much of a power these days.obama-finger

The second power is to hold up a president’s nominations. But Harry Reid and Senate Democrats eliminated the filibuster option, so now it takes a mere 51 to pass a nominee. So that check on the president is reduced.

Perhaps as alarming, these moves will mean that more power will accrue to the other remaining check on presidential ambition. So this change “will very quickly make the Supreme Court the most powerful branch of government,” Burr said. “We may find it becomes the most political entity in the United States government.”

Yikes. Another legacy of Obama: an imperial presidency and muzzled legislature.

Anyway, he led off his talk about the plan by saying, as with Humpty Dumpty, “We can put the pieces together, but it may not look like Humpty Dumpty.” In other words, there’s no going back to 2007 in health care.

“There’s no way to fix [Obamacare],”  he said, but added, “I don’t see a way to change this before the 2016 election.”

“This will be the number one issue” in the presidential race then. And, the senator said, “Even the Democrat challenger will be running on abolishing the Affordable Care Act.”

That’s right.  You heard him folks.  FORTY PERCENT premium increases for AT LEAST two more years.  But, hold the phone.  Mr. Burr is with the government, and he is going to “help” us:

So what will replace it?

He asserts that his and Coburn’s plan is patient-centered, empowers states and individuals, provides robust competition, and is really affordable. Here‘s a summary and favorable review from Forbes. Here is a more critical overview from a conservative point of view. (BTW, the plan was also backed by Sen. Orrin Hatch at first, but Burr didn’t mention him.)

Burr does say it keeps some parts of Obamacare. Some conservatives will say, to follow on some of Ann Coulter’s remarks at CLC, that keeping the good parts of Obamacare is like keeping the good parts of the Black Death.

Moving along to some key aspects: It would have a federal tax subsidy for health care; it would empower the states to create high-risk pools to serve those with pre-existing conditions; and empower states to pass tort reform.

It would also allow states to modernize Medicaid to make sure it “is a model of health care delivery and not the worst health care system the world has ever seen,” he said.

He said it would save money, by taxing so-called “Cadillac” health plans, and this would ensure unions and top executives would “have some skin in the game.”

His plan doesn’t cover Medicare. He said that would be the “dominant target for the media” and apparently that’s a political bridge too far at this point.

He did say Medicare is unsustainable but must be reformed — later apparently.


Did the Democrats just roll over and let Reagan and the Bushes have everything they wanted? If the GOP is not going to fight for us against  the Obama agenda and the ravages of big government, why should we fight for the GOP? 

14 thoughts on “Burr: Can’t stop Barry. Can’t stop O-Care.

  1. Burr is an idiot and is trying to set the stage for his re-election bid in 2 years. As far as I’m concerned, Burr is dead.

    1. The way Tricky Dick Burr thumbs his nose at the base, I think it is much more likely that he will decamp to a well paid lobbyist berth on K Street in 2016. If not, he needs a serious primary challenge.

    2. We must stop saying that these political sell-outs are stupid or idiots. They are very smart and they are winning against us. As long as we put up with it it is we who aren’t very smart.

  2. Gotta go with FreedomWorks guy’s evaluation that it’s “…merely doing the wrong thing in a less wrong way.”

    I dont expect Burr to “stop” anything or get Obama and the Democrats to change or do anything. If that’s not possible – fine. I dont suffer from unrealistic expectations…

    What I absolutely DO NOT care to see him do is actively or passively participate. They dont control his actions, he does, and his actions are well noted – can’t say I’m a fan.

  3. The third place getter needs to endorse the anti-Tillis candidate and start the campaign for 2016 against Burr.

  4. The picture should be Burr giving NC the finger. How much are the taxpayers dishing out for Rich Burr’s health insurance?

  5. Now that we have Obamacare does anyone really and truly believe it will ever be repealed?

    It is merely the first step on the long road to single-payer.

    The Democrats know it is coming. The Republicans know it is coming.

    Accepting the inevitable is sometimes the most prudent course.

    1. It is not in the American character to be a surrender monkey, We need to fight back against tyranny. To do that we need to get rid of the weak sisters in politics like Trick Dick Burr and Turncoat Tilli$.

    2. “Accepting the inevitable is sometimes the most prudent course.”

      The most chickensh*t course, you mean. The rest of us aren’t as willing to bend over and spread ’em for the socialists as you.

  6. Mr. Burr is factually incorrect (Liar). CBH will massacre people who work by capping tax-free deductibility of health-care expenditures at 65%. Paul Broun (R) GA. HR 2900 not only fully REPEALS (like we did with slavery) the ACA it provides 100% deductibility for health-care expenses, allows policies to cross state lines etc. I left a message on Mr. Burr’s health/care point person “Preston” voice-mail today and asked if I was wrong on my assessment that CBH is a redistributionist socialist dream to call me back.

  7. If the Tea Party could perform at the same level of their rhetoric then Obamacare would be gone. But the fact of the matter is that once the chants and slogans die down the Tea Partyers head for a gravy biscuit and sweet tea. The Tea Party needs to rebrand itself. How about the Far Right Debating Society? I am really concerned about those hanging on to the Tea Party banner. I fear their heads may start smoking and spinning around like that little girl in that movie about exorcism. Is Sarah Palin still around. She sure is a pretty woman and I would vote for her based on looks alone.

    1. The principles of the Tea Party and those of JFK are not far apart.

      The principles of Obama and Karl Marx are not that far apart.

      The extremists in American politics are the far leftists around Obama. The Tea Party are more mainstream American. To call them ”far right” you have to be a very leftwing extremist.

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