(#NCSEN) Lil’ Jordan: Thom T. will take money from ANYBODY

Jordan ” Lil’ Jordan” Shaw, spokesman for US Senate candidate Thom Tillis says we shouldn’t read too much into download (63)WHO wants to shower his man with campaign cash:

[…] Tillis spokesman Jordan Shaw said the campaign is trying to raise the money necessary to beat Democrat Kay Hagan and it is not concerned about the perception of raising money at Barbour’s firm. “I think the speaker has show a pretty clear track record of leading his own agenda,” Shaw said. “When you’re running a successful campaign you’re going to be attack by your opponents.” […]

Yeah. But what happens when that “agenda” pretty much consists of procuring cash for his personal and political interests?

Remember the amazing amount of success clients of his brother-in-law’s Massachusetts law firm have had with the state of North Carolina? (Tillis claimed he wasn’t real familiar with his brother-in-law’s practice.  But he sure did run to bro-in-law for help with his $200 paintball conundrum.)  How about the public proclamation of support for movie filming incentives just days before all kinds of movie studio money stshowed up in his Senate campaign coffers?  How about all of that beer wholesaler money that showed up in his Senate campaign coffers right about the time the state House was killing a bill that would have given more autonomy to independent breweries? Just askin’.

We’re offering kudos today to our favorite little dog  — John Drescher’s shih-tzu.  He surprised us by asking Kay Hagan some tough questions.  Now, he’s putting his access to the legislative building on Jones Street at risk by getting a little tough on Mr. Inevitability™:

A refrain is developing in the U.S. Senate race: The more money Thom Tillis comes across, the more problems he sees.

The House speaker is attending a fundraiser Wednesday at the offices of a Washington lobbying firm that will net him plenty of big checks but also may offer his rivals a political line of attack.

The firm? Barbour Griffith & Rogers Inc., otherwise known as the BGR Group. Former Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour took flak for his firm, as critics linked him to its many clients. One particular client drew attention: the Mexican government. In 2001-2002, the firm lobbied “on immigration reforms sought by the Bush administration to provide a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants and expand a temporary worker program to allow immigrants to work in the U.S,” according to an Associated Press report.

Tillis’ fundraiser at the firm plays into the hands of Republican primary opponents Greg Brannon and Mark Harris, who are trying to paint Tillis as an insider with ties to special interest. (Democrats are doing the same.)

Brannon also has criticized Tillis on immigration, writing earlier this year in a Facebook post: “If Republicans want to re-take control of the US Senate we cannot nominate a candidate who will go along with the DC establishment and push through amnesty. My primary opponent has supported efforts to allow illegal immigrants to skirt immigration laws. We must have respect for the rule of law. I will never vote for amnesty.”

Brannon did not offer specifics to support his claim. But legislation to crackdown on illegal immigration in recent years failed in the N.C. House under Tillis’ control. Gov. Pat McCrory also vetoed a bill – later overridden in the House and Senate – that expanded the exemption of seasonal workers from the immigration status check program called E-Verify.

[…] Barbour is scheduled to attend the lunch fundraiser, which has $500 minimum contribution. Other hosts listed: Dave Boyer, Lanny Griffith, Ryan Long, Loren Monroe, Dan Murphy, Erskine Wells and Bob Wood.
That’s a good doggie. 

9 thoughts on “(#NCSEN) Lil’ Jordan: Thom T. will take money from ANYBODY

  1. No wonder Haley Barbour has been such a mouthpiece for amnesty for illegal aliens. I never knew he was a lobbyist for the Mexican government, but that explains a whole lot about Barbour.

    There is an old saying that when you lie down with dogs you get fleas. Of course, TIlli$ has been lying down with dogs so much, he may already have more than Barbour.

    Tilli$ is bought and paid for by the open borders quislings.

  2. Tillis has run the most pro-amnesty GOP Legislature in the country. Chris Christie signed an amnesty bill but he had a Democrat legislature send the bill to his desk.

    Starnewsonline December 5, 2012
    “Tillis said the Republican-led Legislature shouldn’t follow the lead of other states, which enacted tough laws against illegal immigrants.”
    “The other thing we’re going to do is send a very clear message to Washington that they can make our job a lot easier if they would deal with the issue that they’ve kicked down the road – Republicans and Democrats – for many, many years.”

    1. Contact NumbersUSA. They either haven’t figured Tilli$ out or he has bought them off. They need to be putting up accurate info on their website about Tilli$’ sellout position on amnesty.

      There are many conservatives who beleive we need to repell this invaision of illegals and will not under any circumstances vote for a pro-amnesty politician, whether they have an R or a D after their names.

  3. “(#NCSEN) Lil’ Jordan: Thom T. will take money from ANYBODY”


    At least nobody has taken Thom to court to get their money back!

    1. Just wait. The FBI is not through with their pay for play investigations in the Charlotte area. Tilli$ may well get his day in court after the primaries.

      1. But surely you would believe Tillis if he said he was innocent. Even if the jury did not believe him and ruled against him. You would certainly agree that Tillis was innocent like you believe in the innocence of Brannon.

        And if the jury decision did not affect Brannon in the polls then it would not affect Tillis.

        Looks like jury verdicts are no longer relevant in elections.

        We cannot have double standards in politics. If the jury is wrong on Brannon then it would be wrong on Tillis.

        So looks like we are back to square one.

        1. Would I believe a progressive politician like Tilli$ who talks out of both sides of his mouth on major issues like telling the Haymaker (and apparently Numbers USA) that he is against amnesty but telling the NC Farm Bureau he is for ”a pathway to citizenship” for illegal aliens, which is just amnesty in the Orwellian newspeak of the left?

          Would I believe a progressive politician like Tilli$ who claimed he had nothing to do with helping former liberal Democrat legislator Arthur Williams, reinvented as an establishment Republican, try to win the GOP nomination in a Republican held House district, when it is discovered that Tilli$ called Walter Jones and asked him to endorse Williams and made fundraising phone calls for Williams?

          Would I believe Tilli$ when he runs ads against Obamacare when he has in the past called it ”a good idea” and rammed a bill through the NC House (fortunately killed in the conservative Senate) to establish a state Obamacare exchange in North Carolina?

          I could go on, but I would no sooner believe something Tilli$ said than I would something Obama said. Tilli$ is adept at ”Obamaing” (lying).

  4. From your answer I doubt you would be able to serve on any potential Tillis’ jury. I am no lawyer but I have watched enough “Law & Order” to know you should be bounced from serving on a potential Tillis’ jury. I think the jurors are supposed to be impartial with no preconceived judgement as to guilt or innocence.

    Sitting in the jury box swinging a noose ’round & ’round while shouting, “String ’em up,” would give you away.

    1. And to have an honest trial, he would also need a judge who is not a Hagan contributor, fails to reveal he is a Hagan contributor, and fails to recuse himself. Hopefully Tilli$ would not get a crooked partisan judge who is a Hagan contributor and hides that fact.

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