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#ncga: Threats, a primary, and a lawsuit.

You wonder why more people don’t throw their hats in Raleigh’s poltiical ring. Dare County Republican Beverly Boswell campaigned as a conservative and has served as a conservative.  She hasn’t minced words.  And that has made her a lot of enemies. The ACLU and their environmental wacko allies are coming after her with a lawsuit demanding documentation of EVERY communication and interaction she has ever had with anyone in her…

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#ncga: “My senator bought me a fur coat!”

Moore County is entering a brave new world with its THIRD state senator in six years.  Tom McInnis (R-Richmond) is the incumbent in our new district.  He’s going to be facing a primary from the mayor of Whispering Pines.  Just in case McInnis makes it back to Raleigh, we wanted to give you a sneak peek of what to expect: Yep.  THAT is Vancine Sturdivant with McInnis –  sporting her…

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Trans Studies Reading Group? (Yay!) Feminist Decolonial Politics? (um, Double Yay!)

Some of you may be taking a break from stressing over how you’re going to pay that tuition bill for the rugrats from that UNC institution of,um, higher learning.  Some of you may still be steaming over “Sex Week” or that $17 million for “diversity” that UNC edu-crats find too “insignificant” to cut.  Well, here’s one more gem from those folks in the ivory tower who insist they need even…

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From the NC Dem “Great Hope” to a holding cell

North Carolina Democrats were counting on him as their next big star.  Dan Blue III, son of former House speaker and current senator Dan  Blue, has chaired the Wake County Democratic Party and had been a regular fixture on NC Spin.  He was the Democrat nominee in the 2016 state treasurer’s race.  There was talk of grooming him for bigger and better things. Well, that apparently came screeching to a…

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#ncpol: Patrick McHenry and the woman with the “James Brown hair”

“I didn’t hear a word she said. I was looking at the James Brown wig. {…] I love James Brown. But it’s the same hair!”  –– Bill O’Reilly on US Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) ——— For all of you who thought uber-consultant Dee Stewart was congressman Patrick McHenry’s BFF — think AGAIN.  Dee apparently has some competition: […] I’ve got a very good relationship with and have been able to…

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#ncpol: Lawyer tied to House leaders, NC Dems’ Goodwin INDICTED

The saga swirling around Raleigh attorney Mark Bibbs appears to prove that political corruption IS bipartisan: […] Raleigh attorney and lobbyist Mark Bibbs faces ten criminal charges stemming from an investigation by the North Carolina Secretary of State’s Office that was prompted by a WBTV investigation. Court records show a Wake County grand jury returned the indictment against Bibbs on Tuesday, February 6, 2018. Bibbs faces two counts of felony…

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#ncga: Um, “mystery” solved?

    The drivebys and their Democrat buddies are in quite a tizzy.  Legislative Republicans are heading back to Raleigh, and some liberal spidey-senses are a-tinglin’.  Colon “Toilet Boy” Campbell — (AND a co-author !!!) — ponder the GOP’s “mystery agenda in today’s N&O.  Senator — and hyperactive attention whore — Jeff Jackson is feeling a bit butt-hurt: Well, when in doubt, go straight to the folks who DO KNOW….

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Raleigh superhero Lil’ Josh, his sidekick AndyPaul KNOW smack

McClatchy’s Politifact gets presented as something serious and important, but usually ends up coming off like something dreamed up during one of Wayne Goodwin’s daily extended stints in the porcelain reading room. You can almost see Goodwin’s reading room masterpieces getting rushed STAT from the reading room to the N&O newsroom to have AndyPaul Spock’s (Speck? Specht?) byline slapped on it. This time, AndyPaul has outdone himself by “fact-checking” a…

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Folwell gives state retirees early peek at benefits of Trump tax cut

Thanks to the work of North Carolina state treasurer Dale Folwell’s team, state government retirees will be some of the first to see the benefits of the tax cut recently approved by Congress: North Carolina State Treasurer Dale R. Folwell, CPA, announced today that January benefit payments to North Carolina retirees will increase by a total of $5.7 million this month thanks to the Retirement Systems Division (RSD) beating the clock…

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Monkey Business Report: Robeson County real estate edition

What would you say about someone who bought a piece of property (1) at TWICE the assessed tax value,  (2) that was $100K behind in property taxes, and (3) without having a clear use in mind for the property? You’d think they were either (a) stupid or (b) up to something shady. Well, this very scenario has come to fruition in Robeson County.  The county commissioners there bought a building…