Pinehurst’s Pizzella : Bill Clinton, too ???


Wow.  Talk about a rogue’s gallery.   Pinehurst Village Council candidate Patrick Pizzella’s campaign team doesn’t want to talk about much of his DC background.  (Especially his lobbying activities.)  After looking over the full list of his past employers,  I can understand why.

We told you earlier about three of the four.  Well,  it’s now come to light that Pizzella worked at the Federal Home Financing Board from 1990 to 1995.  (Bill Clinton took over in DC in January 1993.)

His supporters for the council seat like to talk about him working for Reagan, Bush, and Trump. If you look at the whole picture, you’ll see that he’s been hanging around DC since the 80s jumping back-and-forth between every Dem and Republican presidential administration and lobbying gigs.

Pizzella has never voted in North Carolina.  He first registered to vote in Pinehurst on March 12 of this year.  

Most of his campaign money comes from the DC area.  Most of his work has been in the DC area.  His LinkedIn profile still says he’s a resident of Alexandria, Virginia — which is part of the DC area.

Is he REALLY going to “Put Pinehurst First”?