“Putting Pinehurst FIRST”? (Actually, he’s putting it 3rd.)


As I told you before,  Patrick Pizzella, who won an appointment by former President Barack Obama and fast confirmation by a Democrat-controlled Senate, is seeking local office in Pinehurst.

His campaign slogan is putting Pinehurst FIRST. But a thorough scan of his fundraising report — documenting fundraising from January 1 to September 23 — finds a hell of a lot of donors to Pizzella who can’t even vote in Pinehurst elections.

We found 52 donors to Pizzella from the DC area (DC + MD and VA suburbs) including 12 lobbyists. (He even got a check from Mrs.  Mitch McConnell.)

Pizzella also documented 44 different donations during that period from residents of states NOT named North Carolina. We found just one lobbyist in that group. The most frequently represented home states of those donors were Florida, South Carolina, New Mexico, and New York.

The Pizzella campaign did manage to scrape up 38 donations from North Carolina residents.  Two were from Raleigh and Southern Pines — so they can’t vote for Village Council.  But the remaining 36 all had Pinehurst addresses.  Many of the 36 were spouses who each gave checks to the campaign.

According to the report, Pizzella raised $36,691.53 during the reporting period.  After all the bills were paid,  the campaign reported $15,059.28 on-hand.