NCGOP groupie parachutes in to pursue retiring Larry Pittman’s House seat


Just three years ago,  Catherine Whiteford was running as a Republican in a very Democrat NC House district in Raleigh against a seasoned incumbent.  (She got her clock cleaned.  Also, she campaigned while on the NCGOP payroll.) 

Back to the present.  Conservative stalwart Larry Pittman of Cabarrus County has announced his retirement.  Suddenly,  Catherine was so in love with Cabarrus County she had to move there.  The word IS that state Rep. John Bradford — aka Tillis-lite — fixed her up with a, um, “job” there.

It’s all shades of Richard Hudson creating a whole new identity for himself to run for Congress.

NCGOP operatives will tell you about the “wonderful” work she has done for the party. Here are a few examples:  lining up her Young Republican friends to march with Black Lives Matter in Raleigh, publicly declaring that the NCGOP needs to be more open to “progressives,”  suggesting publicly that the NCGOP needs to have a presence at gay community events across the state, and — last but not least — advocating for more NCGOP cooperation with Democrats. 

Can you imagine?  House District 83 voters going from the conservative Pittman to THIS?

Conservatives are nearly extinct in the North Carolina House — thanks to the work of Thom Tillis and his little buddy Timmy.   Conservatism is what gave the NCGOP their legislative majorities in 1994 and 2010.  It’s what helped them dominate the congressional delegation.  The pols now see it as mealy-mouthed crap to spout at the voters.  (Do another thing while out of their sight in Raleigh and DC.)

If Cabarrus County voters fall for this,  it will mean one more sycophantic minion for Team Timmy and Team Tillis.   And another huge loss for North Carolina conservatives.