NC Young Republicans & Black Lives Matter joined forces to picket NCGOP HQ



Without the evidence that came over my transom,  I would have found this hard to believe.  Remember when the “Defund The Police” / “Black Lives Matter” / DEMOCRAT mob marched on state GOP HQ in Raleigh?  Well, guess who lined up the permit for the march on and protest at NCGOP HQ?

None other than the North Carolina Federation of Young Republicans (NCFYR).  Yes, boys and girls, that’s right.  And HERE — as proof — is a copy of the march permit they obtained.

If you read the linked permit,  you will see it was obtained, on behalf of the NCFYR, by someone named Charlie Mulligan.   Mulligan, it turns out, is the “grassroots director” for NCFYR and a close ally of NCFYR chairman Catherine Whiteford.




Let’s go back to the language Mulligan used in the protest permit.  According to Mulligan,  the purpose of the protest was “To march in solidarity with those protesting the death of George Floyd and Police brutality.”





This is not the first time Whiteford and her gang have graced the pages of this website.  Whiteford was on the NCGOP payroll while she ran a quixotic state House campaign against an incumbent Democrat. 


She also complained that the GOP needs to find more ways to “work with Democrats” and that the party needs to be more open to “progressives.”