John Locke + Civitas = *Yawn*



Two, um, “giants” of the Pope empire are apparently marrying up:



So, we are guaranteed to have NO official presence in Raleigh fighting the good fight for conservatism. Civitas was initially meant to be the political bulldog of the Pope operation.  They’re spinning this like it will create a conservative Goliath in our state capital.  (*Double the white papers,  double the fun.*)



I am betting it is more of a financing / fundraising issue.  I think both groups have suffered in that department.  John Hood stuck Locke out there on an anti-Trump limb even while Trump was carrying our state TWICE.  Civitas has basically sat there like a bump on a log.  (They’ve suddenly taken up the issue of farm policy.  Methinks either (1) The Farm Bureau, or (2) some deep-pocketed farmer-type sent them a just-big-enough check.)



I’ve been told by Jones Street insiders that our site has more influence in that neck of the wo0ds than ANYTHING Locke turns out.


It would be nice to have some help in tackling the bipartisan Raleigh swamp.  Many conservative blogs have faded away.  Key conservative voices have disappeared from the radio.   Locke / Civitas has Dallas Woodhouse on the payroll and is knee-deep into farming.


We’re one of the few conservative voices still standing — throwing rocks at those who deserve it in Raleigh.  It’s one thing to host luncheons featuring “conservative” speakers and put out issue white papers.  It’s altogether another thing to stand up, stick out your chest, and deliver a few haymakers to those in state government / politics who honestly deserve it.