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To replace Cashion in Pinehurst: Berggren OR Campbell

The local paper says 14 folks have applied to fill out the last year of John Cashion’s unexpired term on The Village Council.  (Cashion retired on November 13th due to health issues.)   There are some Knowns, and quite a few Unknowns on that list….

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For Pinehurst Village Council: Berggren & Drum

Election Day is Tuesday. We have big decisions to make.  In Pinehurst, there are EIGHT candidates fighting for TWO seats on the village council.  Someone can win four years on the council with 13% (or less) of the vote, so EVERY VOTE really does count…

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Campaign 2017: Golf gloves are coming OFF in Pinehurst

Things are generally very cordial here in our little corner of paradise. Rolling green fairways.  Mild weather.  Little to no crime.  Neighbors that offer a friendly ‘how-do’ when you pass by.  Local elections here are normally quiet affairs.  Folks are polite. After all, they WILL…

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Pinehurst 2015: Ambush!

Pinehurst voters are heading to the polls Tuesday to fill the mayor’s seat and two council seats.  Incumbent mayor Nancy Fiorillo has three challengers trying to replace her.  One of those challengers, councilman John Strickland, has hit Fiorillo in a last-minute letter to a large…

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Pinehurst 2015: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

We’ve got elections locally on Tuesday, Nov. 3.  At least that’s what the board of elections web site tells us.  Mayors and city council members across the state are standing for election on that date.  These guys and gals have more of a direct effect…

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Save the deer. Cull the politician and busybody herds.

There actually is a down side to living in a great community like Pinehurst.  The quality of life is so great that SOME busybodies create problems to, um, tackle.  Some years back, we had ONE old lady complain to the Pinehurst Village Council about how…

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Pinehurst: A shakedown of builders by village staff?

      A long-time village government policy has some area developers — along with at least two members of The Village Council — crying foul: The Pinehurst Village Council approved preliminary plans for a 70-unit townhome development on Midland Road near the entrance of…

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Pinehurst: The K.I.S.S. rule for budgeting — and “yard debris evaluation” ???????

      Judging from the lamestream media accounts, Pinehurst village manager Andy Wilkison is shocked — SHOCKED — that council members want a budget that is (1) less than 200 pages and (2) is written in language non-bureaucrats can actually understand.   Our thrice-weekly…

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Welcome to Sign-hurst !

There is a growing contingent here in The Golf Capital of The World who believe that Pinehurst village staff and state bureaucrats have gone sign-crazy — cluttering up the landscape in a locale where THE VIEW is a key component of the tourist attraction.  Pinehurst…

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Pinehurst: planning & zoning and campaign promises

        Surprise! Suprise! The Village of Pinehurst was embroiled this week in another zoning controversy.  Our Lambda Award-nominated thrice weekly local newspaper has the details: Residents living near Lake Pinehurst are mounting a protest against the proposed construction of three condominiums that…