Former Obama aide seeks Pinehurst village council seat


Barack Obama’s name is considered profanity in politically bright-red Pinehurst.  That’s why it’s so newsworthy and interesting to see a former Obama appointee seeking local office in the village.

Patrick Pizzella’s supporters want to only talk about THIS part of Pizzella’s resumé:

That’s three years and ten months in the bureaucracy during the Trump administration.  But then there’s THIS troubling piece of info:

Nominated by a Democrat president and swept through the confirmation process by a Democrat Senate majority.  Beautiful.

So, let’s tally up.  That’s three years and ten months under the Trump administration.  (One of those years was spent in an “acting” — temporary or interim — position.)

Pizzella apparently spent four years and two months in the Obama administration.

Also, for what it’s worth,  Pizzella’s LinkedIn profile says he is STILL a resident of Alexandria, Virginia — running for office in Pinehurst, North Carolina.