NCGOPers in US House aid DC left in chipping away at Second Amendment, medical privacy


Keeping guns out of the hands of people who might be dangerous — sounds great, right?  Who could be against that?

That was the supposed reasoning behind the ‘red flag’ provision in the recently-passed national defense authorization act (NDAA).

Let’s consider a few questions.  WHO decides that someone is “dangerous” or may be “dangerous”?   There are many liberals out there who seriously claim Trump supporters are “dangerous.”   Does seeking or receiving mental health care automatically make you “dangerous”?   I have a friend who treats people with mental health issues for a living.  She’s told me that she can’t think of any of her clients who are dangerous or who MAY be “dangerous.”   Also, who wants to stake their reputation on trying to figure out WHO “might be dangerous” in the future? An awful lot of the mass murderers the drive-bys have gone ape over in recent years had no history of violent criminal activity —  or even criminal activity — prior to their sprees.

Will the responsibility for administering this law be dropped in the lap of Wal-Mart or gun shop employees?  What effect will this have on HIPAA (health care privacy) laws?  Let’s say I try to buy a gun.  Will that act allow some stranger at a retail establishment to poke around in my health care records?

Here’s an interesting story to give you a real good idea on why “red flag” laws are a bad idea.

Our “representatives” in DC don’t seem to be too worried about those and other relevant questions.  A “red flag” provision was inserted into the National Defense Authorization Act and rammed through the Democrat House with the help of plenty of Republicans.  There were a number of North Carolina Republicans who voted FOR this “red-flag” atrocity:

  • Madison Cawthorn (NC-11)
  • Virginia Foxx (NC-5)
  • Richard Hudson (NC-8)
  • Patrick McHenry (NC-10)
  • Greg Murphy (NC-3)
  • David Rouzer (NC-7)

Kind of depressing, eh?  We’ve got members of the party allegedly FOR freedom from government tyranny voting FOR more invasive government activity.   Thankfully,  Dan Bishop (NC-9) and Ted Budd (NC-13) were missing from the list.  (So we have at least TWO members of our House delegation who still have sense and the best interests of the people and the country at heart.)

Remember this vote when the ads claiming support for gun rights start rolling out on TV and the pro-gun mailers start hitting your mailbox.  Tell your folks back home ONE THING.  Do another thing when Kevin McCarthy and his minions come around.