Greg Murphy vs. Onslow Co. GOP: The tale of the email

(Links are now fixed.)

As we noted earlier,  there is  a split in the Onslow County GOP  over the future of US Rep. Greg Murphy (R-NC3rd). A group of activists and party leaders in Onslow are seeking a formal censure of Murphy over his votes in the House they say veered too far left. Party leaders in Raleigh and in the county are trying to quash the effort. 

Here’s one of the opening volleys in this scuffle:

Here  is some back-and-forth between Murphy and a spokesman for the pro-censure group.

Here is the original censure document that includes a list of votes the pro-censure forces had problems with.

The uproar apparently spurred the establishment types running the local party and state party. Here’s one local GOPe type:

According to the OCGOP chairman,  state chairman Michael Whatley and his team have sounded off on the censure effort:

Party before county?  *Sounds GREAT.*

If what the county chairman said was true, THAT outs state GOPers trying to protect an incumbent who is facing primary opponents.

This is an interesting development– right in front of the primary — in one of the 3rd’s big prizes in the GOP primary.

I watched the YouTube video linked above.  It’s interesting how GOPe types like to preach “civil debate” but will then shout down dissenting conservatives.