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BOING !!!! One of biggest players in NC solar biz bounces a tiny check

Sun Energy1 is arguably one of the world’s biggest players in the renewable energy field.  THAT is why it was surprising to see this: Charlotte area-based Sun Energy1 is arguably one of the world’s biggest players in the renewable energy field.  (They sponsor NASCAR.)  In…

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#ncga: Solar goons name Bob Steinburg their “champion”

The crowd that is responsible for jacking up your utility bills, littering the landscape with solar panels — and lining the pockets of legislators to get special incentives and favors for their friends, paid for by us — has named state Rep. Bob Steinburg (R-Chowan) a…

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#ncga: Tillman defends support for solar subsidies, citing economic development and jobs

I had a brief, yet interesting conversation with state Senator Jerry Tillman yesterday afternoon.  The legislator left me a message praising my work, but wanting to talk about “a few things” I ”got wrong.”  O-Kay.  He got me curious.  So, I called him back.  Tillman was actually…

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#ncga: It’s ALL about cronyism, self-protection

State Rep. Kelly Hastings was one of the five Republican legislators whose votes helped derail an effort to kill state alternative energy mandates and lower consumer electric bills.   His vote on that legislation has subjected him to some rather pointed questions on Facebook:   Always…

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Dear RINOs: Thanks for whoring yourselves out. XOXO — The Left

Last week, a measure that would have knocked the solar energy industry off the taxpayer teat, and lowered consumer power bills, went down to defeat in committee by TWO VOTES.   It was a GOP-dominated committee.  Resistance to crony capitalism and taxpayer-funded alternative energy are…

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#ncga: Chris Millis legislation TOO LIBERAL ????

Yep.  THAT is the main argument being pushed by Rep. Kelly Hastings (R-Gaston, Cleveland), one of several GOP legislators IDed by Civitas for being a little too cozy with left-wing environmental interests. Hastings was part of a group that helped kill an effort led by Rep….

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#ncga: Tempers appear to flare as GOPers take renewable energy debate to social media

The folks at Civitas have done a bang-up job HERE and HERE of exposing and detailing a rather unseemly relationship between Republican legislators, political consultants, and left-wing environmentalists regarding government subsidies and mandates for renewable energy. Earlier this week, a GOP-dominated House committee shot down…

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#ncga: Why the sudden interest in solar energy?

Out of the blue, government goodies for solar energy providers has become the rage on Jones Street.  No one really saw this coming.  It’s not really on anyone’s radar as one of the most important issues for state government.  (It couldn’t be some of that…

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#NCGA #NCSEN: Taking care of (HIS) Business?

    According to official state records,  House Speaker (and US Senate candidate) Thom Tillis and his wife are “owners” of Cornelius, NC-based Aquesta Bank.  Tillis joined the state House in January 2007.  Aquesta was founded in 2007. In 2007, the North Carolina General Assembly approved…