#ncga: Solar goons name Bob Steinburg their “champion”

The crowd that is responsible for jacking up your utility bills, littering the landscape with solar panels — and lining the pockets of legislators to get special incentives and favors for their friends, paid for by us — has named state Rep. Bob Steinburg (R-Chowan) a “legislative champion.”

The group that so honored Steinburg is something called “Conservatives for Clean Energy.”  (In this video of the award ceremony, you can clearly see former liberal wacko legislator, ACLU counsel, and Democrat US Senate candidate Deborah Ross, in the audience.  So, throwing the word “conservative” into the group’s name could be called deceptive labeling.)

State Rep. John Szoka (R-Cumberland) also got an award from the group.  In the video, you can hear him say that before he came to Raleigh he was not a big fan of solar energy.  But coming to Raleigh changed his mind.  (* I am suuuuuuure all that cash being thrown about by the Jones Street lobbying crowd has noooooooooothing to do with that transformation.*)


7 thoughts on “#ncga: Solar goons name Bob Steinburg their “champion”

  1. They love renewable energy when they are in Raleigh taking those checks. They hate it when they are home talking to conservative voters. Sell out is the only term that comes to mind.

  2. Bob Stalinburg. . . err . . . Steinburg is a sleazy whore to a special interest that is ripping off NC electric ratepayers. He needs to be defeated in the State Senate primary. If, God forbid, he became the nominee in the 1st District, that would automatically make the Democrat nominee the lesser of the evils. Stalinburg is worse than a Democrat.

    And “Conservatives for Clean Energy” seems to me to be something like “Jews for Hitler” or “French Aristocrats for the French Revolution”. Its name exposes that it is a fraud.

  3. Looking at Bob Steinburg’s latest campaign report, he raised a total of $24,544.84. $5,000 of that was from the NC CLEAN ENERGY BUSINESS ALLIANCE PAC. That’s over 1/5 of his money! Guess we know where his loyalty lies.

    1. Steinburg is as bought and paid for as any prostitute in Vegas.

      It would be interesting to know what the Energy Crooks (hat tip to Civitas for that term) gave or promised to Berger to get ratepayer champion Bill Cook gerrymandered out of that Senate district and Crooked Steinburg gerrymandered into it.

    2. That one may stick out like a sore thumb, but if you carefully go through his report, that is not the only renewable energy money he has received, and there is little doubt there will be lots more. The solar goons and wind goons really do want to buy this seat and own the Senator. That must not be allowed to happen.

  4. Big Bob Steinburg is a champion of the green energy left. He is all for saving the polar bears, even if that is going to cost electric customers a bundle, and that is sound policy. Why should redneck peons be able to afford airconsidtioniing when the plight of the polar bears is at stake? Green energy will cause electric rates “to necessarily skyrocket” as President Obama has said, and that is as it should be. If electricity is expensive, the peons in our society will be forced to use less of it, and green energy is the best way to drive those rates up.

    Most Democrats “go green” out of their progressive ideology. Republicans are convinced to go green through the use of our green money. There are a lot like Big Bob who will throw away their silly principles when they see the big pile of “green” our side will give them to do it. Big Bob has seen the personal advantage to being progressive on green energy. He is helping save President Obama’s green energy legacy.

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