#ncpol: WRAL drive by defends,um … NC PolicyWatch ???

Travis Fain came on board not long ago to replace the late-great Mark “Binky” Binker as Miz Leslie’s “better half” on WRAL’s Jones Street on-air team.  Here he is making Miz Leslie proud:

That’s right.  PolicyWatch’s “substantial reputation for journalism.”  I wonder WHAT journalism he refers to?  The vicious slanted attacks on the Triad Conservative blog and the now-deceased Carolina Plotthound based on the words of the thoroughly-discredited, mean-spirited, loony-left Southern Poverty Law Center? Or the multiple attacks on Lt. Gov. Dan Forest and his religious faith?

This certainly confirms that Hall — or any of NC PolicyWatch’s past targets — can’t catch a fair break from WRAL.  It also confirms for the general TV viewership out there the laziness, bias and corruption within WRAL’s political coverage.

4 thoughts on “#ncpol: WRAL drive by defends,um … NC PolicyWatch ???

  1. The Triangle’s #1 Limo Liberal – Jim Goodmon Sr. – still employs his WRAL-TV “dumpster divers” to dig up or simply “make up” dirt on anyone not on The Radical Far Left. …

    Jimbo’s drive to be NC’s own George Soros is still his goal… while funding Bully’s Barber’s various “God & I Hate Republicans & You Should Too” campaigns…

  2. It seems all too common that these leftie media types confuse ideological propaganda with journalism.

  3. Doesn’t Goodmon contribute substantially to NC Policy Botch? So Fain is simply fawning to keep his job.

  4. Policy Watch is just the rabid attack wing of WRAL. The fact that Fain left the quotes off of “journalism” calls into question his qualifications as a journalist. If regurgitating press releases and the propaganda narrative can be called journalism, I guess he is one.

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