#ncpol: Donald,um, who? Trump?(Oh, yeah. He’s good.)

Two of the more interesting races in May will be GOP congressional primaries involving candidates managed by uber-consultant Paul Shumaker.  Shumaker is known for his cookie-cutter approach to campaign management.  And it shows in his guidance of the campaigns of his clients, Robert Pittenger in the 9th district, and Indian casino lobbyist Scott Dacey in the 3rd.

Shumaker has both men attaching themselves at the pelvis to the 45th president. Pittenger has been running ads trumpeting his love for Trump and attacking his rival, pastor Mark Harris, as an anti-Trump liberal infidel.   Dacey has gone as far as setting up a website called DaceyTrump.com to show his love for The Donald.

But how deep IS that alleged love for The Donald?  We’ve  had a hard time finding any campaign contributions from Dacey to Trump.  (And we know Dacey loves to throw the campaign cash around on both sides of the political aisle.)

And then there’s THIS — a cable access show from Dacey’s home county of Craven.  Dacey was a panelist on this McLaughlin Group-lite production filmed on the Friday following Trump’s slaying of the Hilla-beast.  Click and watch if you like,  but here are are a few highlights:

  • For all his talk of loving Trump, Dacey has next to nothing to say about “his man’s” victory over Hillary. The host introduces Dacey as “someone who works in Washington and has all the insider information.”
  • At the 26-minute mark of the show, the host asks if anyone had attended ANY of the 21 open rallies Trump held in North Carolina.  “The Donald’s man” Scott Dacey sat silently.  (No comment.)
  • As the Trump talk progresses, the panelists get into the drive by media’s treatment of Trump. Dacey doesn’t take the bait and attack the media.  Instead he defends their lack of crowd shots at Trump rallies — citing the difficulty they have in turning those big cameras around.
  • Just over 38 minutes into the show, the guests are ranting about the young protesters who were destroying property across the nation in the aftermath of the election.   Dacey sympathizes with the protestors, saying they are just expressing their frustration about their voices not being heard:
    “My daughter tells me “Dad, you get most mad when you are not in control.  When you feel like you’ve lost control over something, that’s when you lash out.”   (*Sooooo — destroying other people’s property as a method for venting your “frustration” is okey-dokey.*)
  • At one point, the discussion turns to the Hollywood liberals who threatened to leave the country if Trump won.  The host seeks predictions on whether that will happen, asking if “anyone likes to gamble.”  (Dacey didn’t speak up.  He represents Indian casinos.) 
  • When the discussion turned to Richard Burr, Dacey lights up and won’t shut up.  (*Hmmm, no DaceyBurr.com site?*)  Dacey says “I’m hopeful that people do recognize what Richard Burr brings to the table”.    He goes on to say Burr is a ‘very thoughtful individual who is extremely smart and dedicated to his work”.   He then says: “He’s not one of these guys who shoots off his mouth without having thought about the issues”.

    Shooting off his mouth?  Sounds like a veiled shot at our 45th president.   You know, the one Scott Dacey and Robert Pittenger tell us they looooooove sooooooo much.