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#hayesscandal : Um, The RNC to the (*SIGH*) rescue?

    Two guys who played a big part in bringing The North Carolina Republican Party to its current state of disaster are apparently intimating JUST THAT: […] “What you saw in North Carolina 9 is very different than what we’ve seen reported this week….

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#ncpol: Shumaker driving NC govs protest of amendments?

The state’s drivebys are captivated by the fact that all living former governors came out against TWO of the proposed constitutional amendments on the November ballot.  Now, it appears the man behind the curtain on this gubernatorial protest is none other than uber-consultant Paul Shumaker…

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Shu’s very bad, horrible Election Day.

North Carolina has an abundant supply of people calling themselves “political consultants” who really don’t have much of a clue.  Unfortunately, the NCGOP has more than its fair share of that surplus.  I, for one, am incredibly frustrated by quality candidates going down in flames…

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#ncpol: Wheels falling off of Shumaker’s ‘Trump-hug’ strategy?

Uber-consultant Paul Shumaker is advising candidates in two of the state’s most-watched congressional primaries:  the GOP races in the 3rd and the 9th. Indian casino lobbyist (and Shumaker client) Scott Dacey has been casting himself as the top Trump-booster and beating up incumbent Walter Jones…

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NC-03: Dacey’s own #’s show a loss to Jones AND somebody named UNDECIDED.

There is an interesting strategy being put forth by NCGOPe types this cycle.  Put a lot of bad news out there, and demand MO’ MONEY. We saw Matt Bales with the NC House GOP caucus doing it.   Now here comes Indian casino lobbyist (and GOP…

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#ncpol: Donald,um, who? Trump?(Oh, yeah. He’s good.)

Two of the more interesting races in May will be GOP congressional primaries involving candidates managed by uber-consultant Paul Shumaker.  Shumaker is known for his cookie-cutter approach to campaign management.  And it shows in his guidance of the campaigns of his clients, Robert Pittenger in…

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Shumaker: ‘Trump Factor’ harmful down the ballot for NCGOPers

We learned this weekend, thanks to a leak to the drivebys, that GOPe uber-consultant Paul Shumaker is doubling down on his “concerns” about Donald Trump:  Even as Republicans pour more ground forces into North Carolina, a top GOP strategist has warned that the “Trump Factor”…

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Shumaker has a dog in NCGOP’s AG primary fight

He was the top political adviser to renegade Republican legislator Richard Morgan.  He ran Thom Tillis’s US Senate campaign.  He’s reportedly the force behind the push for solar energy subsidies in the General Assembly.  Now, it appears that GOP uber-consultant Paul Shumaker is behind the…

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#ncga: Fletch Rents

Political consultant do a lot of things for their clients.  Not many play landlord for them.   We’ve been following the unusual case of state senator Fletcher Hartsell (RINO-Cabarrus) — such a good Republican that he got committee chairmanships under Democrat majorities.   It took…