#ncga: It’s ALL about cronyism, self-protection

FullSizeRenderState Rep. Kelly Hastings was one of the five Republican legislators whose votes helped derail an effort to kill state alternative energy mandates and lower consumer electric bills.   His vote on that legislation has subjected him to some rather pointed questions on Facebook:



Always the careful politician, Hastings attempts to move the discussion to more of a one-on-one, off-the-record scenario.  But ONE voter does not appear to be having ANY of that:



So, has Hastings become a full-blown environmentalist – -acting solely out of his concern for the future of Mother Earth?  Well, let’s see:



He’s talking about THIS solar panel mounting systems manufacturer which surely benefits greatly from state government’s mandate that utilities provide X-amount of solar energy to consumers each year.  The DEMAND is created for them BY POLITICIANS.   SO, it appears Hastings wants to prop up the alternative energy industry.  But, wait:



So, eliminate WIND ENERGY but keep forcing solar energy down our throats?  It’s pretty clear the protection of his political fortunes is trumping sound energy, regulatory, and economic policy.