#ncga: It’s ALL about cronyism, self-protection

FullSizeRenderState Rep. Kelly Hastings was one of the five Republican legislators whose votes helped derail an effort to kill state alternative energy mandates and lower consumer electric bills.   His vote on that legislation has subjected him to some rather pointed questions on Facebook:



Always the careful politician, Hastings attempts to move the discussion to more of a one-on-one, off-the-record scenario.  But ONE voter does not appear to be having ANY of that:



So, has Hastings become a full-blown environmentalist – -acting solely out of his concern for the future of Mother Earth?  Well, let’s see:



He’s talking about THIS solar panel mounting systems manufacturer which surely benefits greatly from state government’s mandate that utilities provide X-amount of solar energy to consumers each year.  The DEMAND is created for them BY POLITICIANS.   SO, it appears Hastings wants to prop up the alternative energy industry.  But, wait:



So, eliminate WIND ENERGY but keep forcing solar energy down our throats?  It’s pretty clear the protection of his political fortunes is trumping sound energy, regulatory, and economic policy.  

5 thoughts on “#ncga: It’s ALL about cronyism, self-protection

  1. So one stinking special interest causes this Quisling to betray electric consumers, conservatives, and Republicans? He is a cheap whore, isn’t he?

    When filing closes, his primary opponent will have my $100 contribution on the way. Real Republicans need to get together to get rid of this phoney.

      1. No, ”real Republicans” want the Renewable Energy Mandate repealed. At last year’s state Republican convention in Cherokee, the language calling for that repeal was added to the state platform by overwhelming voice vote. The real Republicans are the party activists who were delegates, not the ”leadership” with Benedict Arnold tendencies that we have in Raleigh and Washington. The grassroots is getting so fed up with these surrender monkeys, that soon it will be ”take no prisoners” against the establishment.

  2. You conservatives can’t see the forest for the trees. You are looking too low. The key Al Gore Republican to saving the renewable energy tax credits and saving the renewable energy mandates is sitting right in the Speakers office. Speaker Timmy Moore himself is the greatest Al Gore Republican of them all. He has fully demonstrated his love of polar bears and his support for the hard core environmental movement.

    Speakers do not usually vote on bills themselves, but Timmy came down on the floor to personally vote to extend the renewable energy tax credits. That was a real signal that he was on board with the hard core environmental movement.

    Speaker Timmy also appointed extra Democrats to legislative committees as the crucial crossover deadlines were approaching. That sure helps get liberal bills out of committee while it helps us stop conservative bills. Would Speaker Timmy have done that if he was for conservative legislation?

    If you ask around some of the legislative staff, you will find out that it is well known that Speaker Timmy asked those five who voted in committee, our good Al Gore Republicans, to stop HB681, the renewable energy mandate repeal, to do what they did. Of course, that should have been obvious. Would Speaker Timmy’s right hand man, Nelson Dollar, have voted liberal if the Speaker was not on board with that position?

    You have your moles, but we in the hard core environmental movement have our own moles in the GOP caucus on Jones Street, and the biggest mole of them all is Speaker Timmy. Speaker Timmy loves polar bears, and he does not mind gouging those peon electric ratepayers and throwing his own party under the bus to help the polar bears.

    So you conservative suckers might as well give up. We have got it wired. When you pay as much as we did to those liberal Republican consultants, Stewart and Shumaker, so they can beat down the grassroots of your party, you ought to get what you want. Most of all, though, Speaker Timmy is in our hip pocket.

    1. “You have your moles, but we in the hard core environmental movement have our own moles in the GOP caucus on Jones Street,”

      Al, you ninny, those aren’t moles. They’re WARTS!

      Your movement has a raging case of enviro-warts! You’d better hope Zerocare covers that.

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