#NCGA: Rep. Hastings, getting an education on Facebook

FullSizeRenderI cut my cable TV cord six years ago.  And I haven’t missed it a bit.  Thanks to my Internet thingie (and my army of moles) I stay on top of the issues of the day.  You would hope that our elected officials — who make ALL KINDS of decisions that have a serious impact on our lives — stay on top of the important issues of the day.  I stumbled across an exchange on Facebook that has me worried about at least ONE of our legislators in Raleigh.  It all started with an innocent question to state Rep. Kelly Hastings (R-Cleveland) from a voter:



The voter is asking about The Religious Freedom Restoration Act — basically the only real protection many of us will have from the Gaystapo’s rampage across America.  Now, check out the legislator’s response:



THAT brought Hastings’s colleague, state Rep. John Blust (R-Guilford) into the conversation:


3 thoughts on “#NCGA: Rep. Hastings, getting an education on Facebook

  1. I guess Rep. Hastings was too busy daydreaming about all of his money from the leftist Big Solar lobbyists to pay attention in class.

  2. “A free market, you say? What is it? I’v never heard of such a thing. Is it a market where you get things for free? Send me the specifics.”

    “What is this ‘boarder security’ you speak of? Do people have problems when their renters get violent? Perhaps we should pass a law about that. Please send me specifics. We need to make sure we don’t have a lot of violent renters.”

    “ISIS? Wasn’t that some Egyptian goddess or something? What does that have to do with us? Does she have magical powers? Please send me any specifics you have.”

  3. You mean ole conservatives need to stop picking on poor Rep. Hastings just because he is an Al Gore Republican and loves polar bears, and, uh, I guess campaign checks, too. Those electric ratepayers he is gouging are just peons and don’t matter. I am sure the boys in the green energy biz will fix him up very nicely for his campaign. Hastings is such a hero of the hard core environmental movement, I think even Tom Steyer and George Soros might kick in.

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