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Fox News poll: Trump UP, Burr UP. McCrory UP

FNC took an interesting route on this survey — looking at registered AND likely voters.   The poll was conducted by telephone with live interviewers September 18-20, 2016 among a random sample of 800 North Carolina registered voters. A subsample of 734 has been defined as likely voters….

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NY Times / Siena Poll: TRUMP TIED, Burr DOWN, McCrory DOWN

That’s the latest round of numbers on our state’s BIG THREE for November:  President:   Trump and Clinton are tied at 41-41.  Trump leads 53-28 among white voters.  Clinton has black voters by 86-3. Senator:  Deborah Ross leads Richard Burr 46-42.   Governor: Roy  Cooper…

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PPP poll: Trump UP, Burr TIED, McCrory DOWN

Say what you want about the crowd from Public Policy Polling, their numbers tend to get pretty good the closer you get to the election.  Here is their latest take on the big three races in North Carolina:  President:  Trump is up 45-43 over Clinton….

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#ncpol: Readin’, ‘ritin’, and RADICALIZATION

Homeschooling and charter schools are growing in popularity in North Carolina.  THAT has leftists gnashing their teeth furiously.  *It MUST be racism! It MUST be Trump’s fault!* It may have more to do with the fact that a good ol’ education AIN’T what it used to…

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#ncpol: The Dems’ bottom-up assault on North Carolina

I had an interesting conversation with an Eastern North Carolina Democrat friend this past weekend.  (Believe it or not, I DO have Democrat friends and acquaintances, especially in that neck of the woods.)  Anyone who follows the NCGOP and the RNC knows that they spend…

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Guess what? Spending more money makes NO DIFFERENCE on student performance

Once again, heads will be exploding over in Blinky and Scowly’s offices in Jim Goodmon’s special little socialist fantasy world.  Blinky and Scowly are ALL over the place trying to sell the idea that kids are being hurt by “education cuts.”  Their comrades in the…

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Bursting the Left’s Doom & Gloom bubble re: North Carolina

Leftists thrive on misery.  They cannot STAND for anyone to be doing well on their own and being happy.  Every two to four years, they want to tell us how bad things are (unless they are in charge). We’ve got a big election coming up….

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#ncpol: Even MORE poll stuff

Okay, we came across some more complete results from the pollsters at Civitas.  We gave you the governor and president numbers earlier. Here is some more info from that survey.  By a 48-39 margin, respondents felt North Carolina was headed on “the wrong track.”   Improving…

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#ncpol: IS it, or ISN’T it A COMEBACK?

The Census Bureau released a whole lot of data on Thursday.  Much of it dealt, of course, with economic conditions in America.  It was interesting to see the half-empty / half-full paradigm at work in interpreting that released information. The drive bys, of course, wanted…

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Civitas poll: Trump TIED, McCrory UP

Civitas continues its streak as the ONLY pollster showing Governor Pat McCrory with a lead over attorney general Roy Cooper.  If ol’ Pat DOES pull it out, Civitas is going to end up looking pretty good in the polling world.  Civitas shows McCrory up over…