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No NRA love for Lt. Dan?

Here’s one more thing to add to the list of strange things about Campaign 2016.  The National Rifle Association’s Political Victory Fund sent out orange “Election Alert” postcards this week.  The cards announced the NRA-PVF’s endorsements of “Patrick McCrory” and “Buck Newton”. At first, I…

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Our choices for the 2016 vote

Here in yellow-dog Republican Moore County, people are flooding our ONE early voting station.   Record turnout not seen since 2008, say local elections officials.  Here at Haymaker HQ, we want to make sure that you early voters are making wise decisions.  Please consider the…

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Vote Buck Newton for Attorney General. (It’s important.)

Over the last four years, we’ve seen how important it is to have state-level leaders ready to fight for us against the federal leviathan.  Roy Cooper has stood around, picking his nose and eating it, while un-elected federal judges and bureaucrats have stomped on the…

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Another $7.5 million HIT. (Is The N&O headed the way of Gawker?)

Wrestler Hulk Hogan took the lefty muckraking site Gawker to court over the posting of a sex tape.   He got MORE money than he asked for, and Gawker ended up having to shut down and auction off its stuff. Univision, of all people, ended…

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#ncpol: It’s ALL about the top of the ticket

I’ve had some recent conversations with some behind the scenes heavy-hitters in North Carolina politics.   Their common message, from both sides of the aisle? : Pay no attention to all of these polls.  ALL of the statewide races are neck-and-neck.   Said one veteran strategist:…

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“The dozens” meet #ncgovdebate

Roy Cooper and Pat McCrory and Jim Stockdale Lon Cecil got together for a debate last night.  Believe it or not, HB2 got mentioned.  (I know — SHOCKING.)   *Can you BELIEVE that one of these guys will be governing our state over the next…

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NC DRIVE BY MEDIA: Liberal? Advertise with us. (Hardly anyone else will.) We’ll even do a story ON YOUR AD.

It’s interesting how — this close to the election — we’re getting news hard news stories detailing advertisements being run by partisan Democrat operatives.  The driveby stories are not critical, mind you, like they would be if they actually gave a damn about covering GOP or…

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Hey, there’s a hurricane! (Let’s poll those people on the election!)

At least half of North Carolina is still reeling in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew.  Hundreds of thousands of people are  without shelter, or power or water or cell phone or Internet access.  And, apparently, three media organizations thought it would be a great time to…

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#ncpol: The AG has been RUN OVER. (Call the crime lab.)

Pat McCrory would be IN MUCH BETTER SHAPE politically if he had governed the last four years like he carried himself in last night’s debate.  He sounded like an actual Republican, and called Roy Cooper out like he should have been called out long ago….

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Filthy lying rabid lefties smelling blood: Pat McCrory and, um, “hate groups”?

Wow.  The “peace and love” crowd is approaching this election with all of the compassion of a Great White amid a herd of seals.  They had North Carolina within their grasp in 2008, but it slipped away in 2010 and 2012.  They’ve hauled out the…