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Monmouth Poll for NC: Burr, Trump in tight races; Cooper blowing out McCrory

Monmouth University polled 401 likely North Carolina voters (MOE +-4.9%) between August 20th and 23rd, and here is what they found:  President:   Hillary Clinton outpolls Donald Trump 44-42 percent with Tar Heel state voters — well within the margin of error.  Libertarian Gary Johnson is polling…

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#ncgov: Oh, yeah. THAT crime lab.

The N&O was sooooo proud of their investigative exposé of the NC State Crime Lab — a division of the attorney general’s office.    Of course, that was before they knew (a) a Republican would win the 2012 governor’s race and (b) Attorney General Roy Cooper…

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ObamaCare and the GOPe: Failing North Carolina AND America

In 2010, the GOP got a bunch of new elected soldiers with the mission of staging a full-frontal assault on ObamaCare.  After the election, we got a whole lot of inaction and whining about how nothing can be done with a Democrat Senate and president….

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NBC August poll: Clinton, Cooper AND Ross up in North Carolina

Oh, the hits just keep coming. NBC and Marist conducted a poll of North Carolina adults from August 4 to August 10.   According to those folks, November is going to look very good for the Democrats. Before I hit you with the numbers, let’s…

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#ncpol: Solvent, man. SOL-VENT.

For those on the left who want to make the case that the Republicans tossed our state in a hole over the last few years, I humbly yield to the findings of the good folks at George Mason University’s Mercatus Center:  The financial health of…

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Obama / Clinton / Kaine: Bringing The Third World to YOU.

Refugee Resettlement Watch is warning that the Asheville, North Carolina area is in the sights of the Open Borders / amnesty crowd:  There were some other things to write about this morning, but here we are, once again, telling you about the latest town targeted…

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#ncpol: Sooooo. How we doin’?

There’s a lot of talk about the economy these days.  Obama fans tell us that things are going great nationally.  Roy Cooper fans here in North Carolina tell us the state economy is a disaster.  Republicans will tell you, nationally, we’re a disaster, but here…

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#ncpol: NCGOPe sidles up to Trump, takes over in NC

They didn’t do A THING for him in the primaries, but the NCGOPe will gladly take credit for Donald Trump’s November victory and be the first in line with their hands out seeking favors from the Trump Administration.   In likely the second biggest strategic blunder…

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Tyranny wears a black robe

So many people have been concerned about Barack Obama and the potential reign of terror by the pant-suited she-devil.  They really need to be focused on the most serious problem affecting our country and its future: ideologues on the bench who are way too comfortable…

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#NCGOV: The tale of the $$$$, by county

WBTV out of Charlotte has a heck of an interesting graphic.  They’ve broken down the latest fundraising totals for the two major candidates for governor, county-by-county. If the map on the linked page has any correlation to standing in the polls, Team McCrory really has…