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Cooper aims LOW at Folwell

  You would think revelations that his transportation department is overspending by $2 billion and possibly broke the law would concern him.   But we’re dealing with a guy who sat in the AG’s office for sixteen years doing absolutely nothing — stumbling into the…

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Folwell to Cooper: Fire your DOT secretary!

      This sounds like something that ought to be coming from the state’s alleged conservative party (if they had a communications office worth a damn) or from someone trying to establish himself as North Carolina’s conservative leader and take Roy Cooper’s job (looking…

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Hospital exec to Folwell & co.: ‘Burn in Hell!’

  This, um, “discussion” over transparency in the state health plan is getting a wee bit overheated.  State treasurer Dale Folwell, who has a constitutional mandate to administer the health plan, sees an urgent need to reform it and get costs under control.  The state…

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UNC Hospitals tries to work AROUND Folwell on state health plan. Folwell calls them out.

  Taxpayer-funded UNC Hospitals got caught red-handed using state funds to aid dirty political maneuvering against state treasurer Dale Folwell.  After being busted by a Charlotte drive-by, the hospital group scrambled to get their money back from the anti-Folwell dark money PAC.   UNC Hospitals…

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UNC Hospitals caught funding attack on state treasurer Dale Folwell

    A state-funded entity using taxpayer funds to wage political warfare against an elected state official.  (*Isn’t THAT special?*)   State treasurer Dale Folwell was inspired to pursue his special pricing transparency project for the state health plan by the actions of UNC Hospitals….

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Folwell calls Jones Street’s bluff, advances transparency for state health plan

  Legislators and the deep-pocketed paymasters in the hospital lobby tried to tie state treasurer Dale Folwell’s hands on reforming the state health plan.  They succeeded in getting HB184 through the House, but there has been  no action in the Senate.     Meanwhile, Folwell…

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#ncga: GOP-led House passes 2nd reading of anti-Folwell bill, smacks down effort to stop it

  The Republican troops on Jones Street keep marching along to the tune called by their Hospital Association paymasters.  HB184, which ties treasurer Dale Folwell’s hands in trying to control costs with the state health plan, got rammed through the NC House on a second…

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#ncga: House leaders put anti-Folwell bill on fast track

  As it turns out, the House Insurance committee will not get a crack at HB 184, a bill drafted by hospital lobbyists to hobble treasurer Dale Folwell’s efforts at transparency and cost-control with the state employees health plan. The bill got rammed through the…

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Anti-Folwell bill passes House Health Committee by voice vote, Moves ON.

  We’ve seen it time and again:  SPECIAL INTEREST MONEY TALKS.   The solar goons have worked their black magic by raining cash down on Jones Street.  And now the hospital lobby has done the same and achieved the same results. Laugh yourself silly the…

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Cost to taxpayers of blocking Folwell’s transparency efforts with state health plan? $400-600 MILLION.

  That’s the word of warning being issued by state treasurer Dale Folwell to loaded-down-with-lobbyist-cash legislators seeking to advance legislation tomorrow thwarting some cost-saving measures championed by Folwell: The Fiscal Research Division (FRD) of the North Carolina General Assembly issued a “Legislative Actuarial Note” on…