State Employees endorse Dale Folwell for governor

Everyone seems ready to blow off the primaries and just let  Mark Robinson and Josh Stein just GET TO IT.  Apparently, somebody forgot to clue in North Carolina’s state employees about the, um, “plan”:

EMPAC, the political action committee of the State Employees Association of North Carolina (SEANC), announced today its endorsement of Dale Folwell for Governor.

Folwell has been a champion for working families throughout his political career. He has made good on his promises as State Treasurer to protect the retirement system, keep State Health Plan premiums affordable, and stand up for employees against rich Wall Street Money Managers and Big Hospital Conglomerates.

“Backing Dale Folwell was not a difficult decision for us,” said EMPAC Statewide Chairman Mark Dearmon. “Since his first run for State Treasurer in 2016, he has kept his word to fight for working people. He will continue this mission in the governor’s mansion.”

With the help of EMPAC’s endorsement in 2016, Folwell won his first term as State Treasurer and immediately went to work renegotiating harmful and one-sided contracts the state retirement system signed with Wall Street middlemen. He was able to cut more than $500 million in fees paid annually by the system.

He put his career on the line for state employees and retirees once again over the Clear Pricing Project, which would bring transparency and cost savings to the State Health Plan. SEANC called for cutting reimbursement rates to hospitals, some of which charge the Plan as much as nine times the Medicare rate for procedures, as early as 2010. Folwell was brave enough to take on that fight because the outrageous costs put the future of the State Health Plan in jeopardy, and will continue that fight as Governor.

Serious times call for serious people. Dale Folwell is a pragmatic optimist who puts what’s right above politics and petty stunts. He will serve the people of this state well as Governor, as he has as one of the state’s most influential and accomplished State Treasurers.