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Wake County RoD: Riddick STILL trying to pick her victim’s pockets

Former Wake County Register of Deeds Laura Riddick, currently serving time for embezzlement, has filed suit to regain her state pension.  State law frowns upon stealing from the taxpayers, and allows for seizure of any pension benefits accrued during the time said crime was committed….

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#ncga: Et tu, Josh? (Ralph ???)

As we predicted, a bill has surfaced seeking to put the kibosh on state treasurer Dale Folwell’s efforts to get the costs of the state health plan under control.  The travails and woes of the plan — it’s set to run out of  money in…

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Politician convicted of embezzlement sues to keep her state pension

Talk about GREAT BIG ONES: Laura Riddick, the former Wake County Register of Deeds who pleaded guilty to stealing more than $926,000 while in office, is suing North Carolina to keep her pension. The state, her attorney argues, “exceeded its authority” and acted in error…

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Hospital lobby trolling Jones St. seeking to rein in Folwell’s transparency crusade?

BusinessNC had an item about that.  I’ve been hearing rumblings about it across our fair state capital. As state treasurer, Dale Folwell (R) is responsible for the overall management of the state employees health plan.  Folwell has been aggressively trying to get the health plan…

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NC PolicyWatch tries to burn Folwell over Cowell’s sleight-of-hand

Chris Fitzsimon’s comedy team never passes up an opportunity to spit the word ‘BIGOT’ at a conservative.  This time, the lucky recipient  of Team Chris’s golden spittle is state treasurer Dale Folwell: […] In 2017, as the family planned Connor’s transition, the State Employee Health…

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#ncpol: Dale Folwell v. BIG HEALTH CARE (Ready to Rumble?)

In the NC House, Dale Folwell demonstrated over and over that he didn’t come to Raleigh to join the clique and make nice.  Here in the age of Trump, Folwell is shaking things up and maintaining that bulldog style from his perch in the state…

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#ncpol: Folwell to UNC Health Care: [REDACTED] you!

One thing we like about treasurer Dale Folwell is that he takes guff from NO ONE.  He doesn’t play the Raleigh back-scratch game, and the crowd there hates him for it. Check out the latest from the University of North Carolina — fresh off of…

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#ncpol: Takin’ care of business.

The Raleigh establishment raved about Democrats Richard Moore and Janet Cowell during their respective tenures in the state treasurer’s office.  Current treasurer Dale Folwell has been quietly slaving away, during his short time in  office, to clean up the mess those two left him. Folwell…

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Treasurer Folwell keeps looking like a good investment

He’s raised awareness of the crisis surrounding the state health plan.  He’s kicked ineligible people off of the state health plan.  Now, state treasurer Dale Folwell has helped to engineer this: A Wake County grand jury has indicted a man for keeping his mother’s North…

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Folwell weeds out some freeloaders

Our rookie state treasurer has really turned into one of the few conservative bright spots in Raleigh. The work he’s done since January 2017 makes you wonder what Janet Cowell and those other Democrats who preceded him were doing: More than 600 people were just…