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Four days old, and the Whatley team is already screwing the pooch

    NCGOP officers aren’t supposed to be getting involved in GOP primaries.  Making endorsements.  None of that stuff.   Former senator Buck Newton — who got spanked in November 2016 by Josh Stein — issued an endorsement today of Joan Perry in the Third…

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#ncpol: Deja vu all over again for Buck Newton

Buck Newton must really draw the ire out of Democrats.  The ‘peace and love’ crowd tends to hit very very low every chance they get when it comes to Newton. In 2010, when Newton first ran for the state Senate against a powerful incumbent, state…

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Vote Buck Newton for Attorney General. (It’s important.)

Over the last four years, we’ve seen how important it is to have state-level leaders ready to fight for us against the federal leviathan.  Roy Cooper has stood around, picking his nose and eating it, while un-elected federal judges and bureaucrats have stomped on the…

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#ncpol: Newton shows ’em HOW IT IS DONE.

Colin Campbell took a break from his quest for genitalia to check out a Trump rally: Speaking at a Donald Trump rally Tuesday night in Greenville, Republican attorney general candidate Buck Newton got some audience feedback on his critique of current attorney general Roy Cooper:…

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The Second Coming of John Edwards

Those of us who are old enough remember the 1998 US Senate race.  Incumbent Republican Lauch Faircloth was facing off against a blow-dried, relatively-unknown ambulance chaser from Raleigh named John Edwards. Faircloth ran a horrible campaign.  Edwards, of course, was coddled by the drivebys, who…

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#ncpol: Grass Roots NC BACKS BUCK!

One of the largest, most outspoken pro-2nd amendment groups in the Carolinas is lining up behind state senator Buck Newton (R) as the next attorney general of North Carolina: Buck Newton, Republican candidate for North Carolina Attorney General, has consistently supported gun rights in the NC…

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#ncpol: It’s gettin’ NASTY out there.

It was cold in Pinehurst Thursday night, but there was a lot of heat in the forum for Council of State candidates.  So much, in fact, that the fire alarms went off near the end of the affair.  The two races that appear to be…

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#ncga: American Conservative Union salutes Sen. Buck Newton for “conservative excellence”

Retiring senator Buck Newton is hoping to add a new title to his résumè:  Attorney General of North Carolina.  He has a couple of hurdles to clear in March and in November.  In the meantime, he’s picked up an honor from the DC-based American Conservative Union….

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#ncpol: Paul Shumaker’s “dog” enters the AG “fight”

We told you it was coming.  Granted, there were a few false starts, stutters and missteps.  But the guy who tried to stick us with subsidies for hemp and solar power is teaming with the Democrat lobbyist / consultant who works out of Charles Jeter’s…

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#campaign2016: Josh Stein FINALLY comes out

Yes, ladies and gentlemen.  The WORST kept secret in Raleigh — and believe me there are a lot of contenders for that title — was splashed across the headlines this week.  State Senator Josh Stein (D-Wake) informed his buddies in the drive-by media that, yes,…