Vote Buck Newton for Attorney General. (It’s important.)

NC_Sen_Buck_Newton-300pxx400pxOver the last four years, we’ve seen how important it is to have state-level leaders ready to fight for us against the federal leviathan.  Roy Cooper has stood around, picking his nose and eating it, while un-elected federal judges and bureaucrats have stomped on the will of the people of North Carolina.

Josh Stein, a former acolyte and underling to Cooper AND John Edwards, wants to give us at least four more years of this. He’ll have the state Department of Justice working hand-in-glove with the EPA and leftist activists to further implement the radical environmentalist agenda.  Stein is neck-deep in the solar energy scam that soaks up taxpayer dollars and dumps them in the wallets of various and sundry political cronies. He thinks boys and girls in the same restrooms and locker rooms is groovy. Josh Stein is the kind of guy who sees utopia as a place where governance happens in a court room and lawyers have the final say.

Buck Newton is a much different story.  While his opponent, Stein, studied at the right hand of Edwards and Cooper, Newton cut his teeth in politics at the right hand of the late Senator Jesse Helms.  Newton, while in the state Senate, has been a staunch supporter of the 2nd home-title-3amendment. He is — and has been — solidly pro-life.  He was a leader in drafting and passing HB2.  He’s typically been one to look first for a way to de-regulate.

On the campaign trail, Newton has talked openly about going on the offensive against overreach from the feds.  If Buck Newton makes it to the victory circle on November 8th, average North Carolinians — not limousine liberals from Durham, Chapel Hill and Raleigh — will have a really good friend in the Attorney General’s office.