Trolls, malware & Google. Oh, my.

It’s amazing.  Every time we get close to an election, the cyber-attacks on this site multiply exponentially.  Here’s Google from today:


Hillary-Clinton-hereicomeTHAT is what you got as the top search result when you searched by our name.  Notice the “https:” prefix on the site address.  THAT is not necessary to go to our legitimate site.  I had my brain trust do some detective work.  We dug out some malware and other cyber-mischief, but the site is still up, OK, and going strong.

Meanwhile, our Twitter feed is blowing up with lefty trolls from across the country.  They apparently don’t like our reminders about Al Gore’s 2000 antics — dragging his feet on conceding, trying to throw up all kinds of legal roadblocks.  It takes away from the Alinskyite anti-Trump narrative.  Facts are dangerous!  (Even more dangerous than THEIR presidential candidate.)