‘Occupy Elaine’ and her illegal amigos earn NC some unflattering national publicity

elaine-marshall-scaledFor all of you lefties and RINOs out there so concerned about North Carolina’s “brand,” check out what tired, OLD Elaine Marshall is up to: 

North Carolina is allowing illegal immigrants to become notaries public and The Daily Caller has exclusive video showing it.

In the video, a citizen journalist visits a travel agency in North Carolina and asks a notary public there how she got her certification. While non-citizens can become notaries public, instead of sending papers showing her legal residency she sent her Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) work authorization. TheDC has reviewed a photo of the woman’s driver’s license which also signifies that she is an illegal immigrant. […] 

That’s right.  People who have used fraud and deception to enter and STAY in this country are now empowered by The State of North Carolina to prevent fraud and deception in business practices.  MORE: 

[…] North Carolina’s Secretary of State has been allowing illegal immigrants to become notaries public since President Barack Obama’s executive amnesty in 2012. According to North Carolina state law to become a notary public, one must “reside legally in the United States.”

While, the Department of Homeland Security says, “deferred action does not confer lawful status upon an individual, nor does it excuse any previous or subsequent periods of unlawful presence.”ugly-anchor-baby

Jan Ting, professor of Law at Temple University, told TheDC: “I think North Carolina’s position probably reflects the current state of the law. The outrage here is DACA which gives illegal aliens work authorization. Aliens who have work authorization generally cannot be discriminated against in hiring, even by state government. There are exceptions, like police officers, and maybe school teachers, but the general rule is that work authorization means authorized to work!”

You may remember that our esteemed secretary of state, in 2014, expressed solidarity with those nutcases in the Occupy Wall Street movement.

I have an even longer memory, much to the dismay — I’m sure — of you lefties who are currently moaning about certain Republicans not respecting election results.  I’ll never forget sitting in the state board of elections hearing room in 1995, as a drive by,  listening to Elaine Marshall protest her state Senate reelection defeat.  She went down in November 1994 to a Republican named Dan Page, who spent little to no money and hardly campaigned.  

Elaine does not respect election results. 

10 thoughts on “‘Occupy Elaine’ and her illegal amigos earn NC some unflattering national publicity

  1. Hope when Buck becomes the new A G he can find a way to place Elaine in the same place Hillary belongs.
    Cell mates maybe.

    Browny Douglas

    1. I agree 100%. Several years ago I found she was allowing illegal’s to form corporation’. I talked with her and sent her evidence showing that the man that formed a corp. was in the US illegally. When she wouldn’t do anything and let him keep renewing his status, I called Roy Cooper’s office and told him of several things she was doing that were illegal. His comment to me was: “it’s my job to protect her”, to which I replied: “I thought it was your job to protect the citizen’s of North Carolina. I knew I could get nothing done. I finally contacted the SBI, ICE & the FBI. I ultimately called in NCIS as I learned the illegal was going off and on Cherry Point Air Base easier than you or I could. He was ultimately picked up and deported, he went to Canada instead of Lebanon, but I’ve seen him back in Carteret County several times.


  2. Elaine Marshall is a worn out Marxist who badly needs to be replaced. We need to get behind Mike LaPaglia.

    The law clearly states the requirements of who can be a Notary, and Marshall is clearly breaking them. If a document is invalidated because the Notary was not lawfully holding that office (and a notary’s commission is a public office, not a ”job”), the Marshall may well be personally liable for anyone who suffers a loss as a result of invalidity of a document. And I hope some severe punitive damages attach!

    We do not need to forget the former DOT Secretary under McCrory, Tony Tata who like an idiot followed the AG opinion of Roy Cooper and gave drivers licenses to the DACA illegal aliens. Just a few weeks after he announced that really stupid decision, a federal court case in Texas ruled that states were NOT required to issue drivers licenses to DACA illegal aliens. Tata is not a Republican, and he followed an ideologically motivated AG opinion from Roy Cooper’s office. McCrory really needs to do better in staffing his administration in his second term. I will vote for him due to HB2, but he really needs to bring some real Republicans on board in senior positions instead of the ideological mishmash he has had.

  3. I voted on Thursday- the FIRST ballot cast in Person County for TRUMP. I was delighted to vote also for LaPaglia, and was delighted that both candidates for SoS had their party affiliations clearly identified. We MUST be DONE with those “non-partisan” races ASAP. Voting for Democrats is JUST PLAIN DANGEROUS in the lives of ordinary Americans, usually invisibly so until we are all SCREWED.

    1. “Voting for Democrats is just plain dangerous”

      Love it, mind if I file for a trademark on that slogan? ?

  4. I (Unaffiliated) was the 1st vote cast in Cumberland County for Trump and every other Rep. on the ticket, including the “non-partisan” races, (I knew their party because I looked their voter registrations up before I went to the polls)

  5. It is amazing that NC residents do not stop and think, Democrats controlled the state legislation for 100 years! So when you hear complaints about teachers pay and where we stand on the education level, 41st, stop and think. This was going on long before Republicans gained control of the legislation. Democrats play the same game nationwide, screw something up, and then later blame it on the other party, which news media outlets are all to glad to help out with! You are about to live under an ideology Democrats follow and that many obviously do not understand, but will regret for years!

  6. It really upsets me how Democrats can break the law and nobody does anything about it…..For some reason in our country now, they are above the law…It also seems that some people do not understand the word “illegal and what it means……They are non-citizens but they are being treated in many ways as citizens and given the same rights as citizens…It really bothers that some states are letting them vote in this election….The Constitution clearly states that only citizens can vote…There is so much voter fraud this time around that I believe that it will be worse this time than it was in the last 2 elections….Glad to read that most of the comments were in favor of Trump and the Republicans….We need Trump….

  7. Makes me Sad to know that this woman just signed my notary application something I thought was sacred, to hold a public office in the United States. I didn’t think that just anybody could be a Notary, she might as well let people who commit felon fraud become notaries!!

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