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‘Occupy Elaine’ has a legal defense fund

If you’re setting up a legal defense fund, that’s a sure sign things aren’t going well at the office. The honorables on Jones Street voted to move forward on impeachment proceedings against secretary of state Elaine Marshall before they last blew out of town.  The…

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#ncga: Impeach her? (I hardly even know her.)

Well, it looks like ‘Occupy Elaine’ might have finally bitten off more than her dentures can chew:  North Carolina legislative Republicans are taking aim once again at Democrats in the executive branch of state government. Just hours after enacting a budget that slashes the budgets…

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#ncpol: ‘Occupy Elaine’ & co. aiding pro-Hillary electoral college coup attempt?

Apparently, Elaine Marshall’s office thinks I am a presidential elector.  (One of the secretary of state’s duties is to oversee our state’s participation in The Electoral College. )  I’m getting email from those folks: […] Sent: Wed, Nov 23, 2016 3:25 pm Subject: The Secretary…

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‘Occupy Elaine’ and her illegal amigos earn NC some unflattering national publicity

For all of you lefties and RINOs out there so concerned about North Carolina’s “brand,” check out what tired, OLD Elaine Marshall is up to:  North Carolina is allowing illegal immigrants to become notaries public and The Daily Caller has exclusive video showing it. In…

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Elaine Marshall: Breakin’ The Law!

In 2012, she passionately embraced the radical Occupy movement.  In 2016, Elaine Marshall is thumbing her nose at taxpayers, voters, the nation, and EVEN the law:  The National Notary Association defines a Notary Public as an official of integrity appointed by state government to serve the…

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Elaine Marshall (Dazed and Confused?)

John F-in’ Kerry (a/k/a Lurch, who also — if you didn’t know — served in Vietnam) — is our nation’s secretary of state.  His job is to carry out the president’s foreign policy and communicate the nation’s interests with foreign countries. Elaine Marshall is North…

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Guns. Mental Health. Elaine Marshall. (Need we say more?)

      This news from Secretary of State Elaine Marshall’s Twitter feed  is a wee bit old, but we thought it was worth sharing: *I wonder which part she was invited to talk about?* 

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NC’s MSM: seething over GOPer’s Facebook, yawning over Elaine M’s video of love for OWS

OK. Let’s see if we an follow this “logic.”  Someone who dares to question the current system of government-funded day care is unfit to serve in any capacity related to said subject in state government.  But a senior state official, caught on video, praising the…

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Pants on Fire: The N&O keeps the hits (against GOP candidates) coming

South Carolina congressman Joe Wilson wants to have a word with N&O staff writer Austin Baird.  It’s pretty typical for the media to wait until the weeks before a big election before doing profiles on the candidates.  The Raleigh News & Observer newsroom takes it…

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TWO MILLION Ponzi scheme victims want to know: Where was Elaine?

Media reports indicate that a Lexington, NC -based corporation may have defrauded as many as TWO MILLION PEOPLE with an alleged Ponzi scheme.  The NC Secretary of State’s office regulates and oversees corporations doing business in the state.  That office ALSO is charged with investigating…