Elaine Marshall (Dazed and Confused?)

elaineJohn F-in’ Kerry (a/k/a Lurch, who also — if you didn’t know — served in Vietnam) — is our nation’s secretary of state.  His job is to carry out the president’s foreign policy and communicate the nation’s interests with foreign countries.

Elaine Marshall is North Carolina’s secretary of state.  Her job, among other things, involves registering lobbyists, corporations, and some investigation of corporate misdeeds in North Carolina.  I can find no evidence ANYWHERE that suggests she has the duty of signing treaties with foreign countries or representing North Carolinians overseas. 

I can understand how there might be some confusion here.  There is a heck of a lot of resemblance between Elaine and ol’ Lurch.  But, apparently, Miss Elaine — in addition to hanging with those filthy Occupy people — is handling North Carolina’s foreign policy: 

North Carolina’s partnership with the country of Moldova took center stage this month in Moldova with the signing of the fourth five-year bilateral agreement between North Carolina and the Eastern European nation. The agreement was signed during a ceremony in the capital city of Chisinau by NC Secretary of State Elaine F. Marshall, who Co-Chairs the North Carolina/Moldova Bilateral Committee, and Moldova’s Deputy Foreign and European Integration Minister, Andrei Galbur.

Governor Pat McCrory signed the document before it left North Carolina and Secretary Marshall traveled to Moldova representing the State. “North Carolina has had a long and beneficial relationship with Moldova,” Gov. McCrory said on Thursday. “I am grateful that this fruitful relationship will continue.”

The agreement outlines goals for the many cooperative programs between North Carolina and Moldova and encourages them to continue their commitment to coordinating academic, economic and cultural exchanges.barf

“Each of these exchanges between North Carolina and Moldova has been a powerful lesson in how to build international understanding on a person-to-person level,’ Secretary Marshall said Thursday. “I hope our partnership becomes a role model for many other states and nations.”

Exchanges between North Carolina and Moldova have included North Carolina AHEC’s initiative to give Moldovan health care providers access to an expansive electronic medical library, and cooperative efforts by Rotary clubs around the state, the UNC School of Public Health, and the NCSU School of Agriculture. The agreement was also signed by Moldova’s Prime Minister, Valeriu Strelet. Secretary Marshall led a delegation from North Carolina that met with the Prime Minister during the trip.[…]

WHO KNEW that North Carolina had a foreign policy?  I am sure that Elaine’s presence in Moldova was *critical*, and that WE paid for it, and that *no footage was shot that will ever show up in any future campaign ads.* 

Doe she think she and Lurch have the same job?  He does it for the other 49 states ???  (*She’s got THIS ONE covered.* )

8 thoughts on “Elaine Marshall (Dazed and Confused?)

  1. How about the trip to Japan for her association paid by tax dollars? What about free passes to democratic lobbist? The Randolph Notary who was told, she was too old to renew. It goes on, one. She had influence on common core, social programs snd direction of state funds to goverment give aways. B

    Seems like she just posted in an email she sent, that she had of strongest GOP contentor she ever had. “Strong force of Congressman Key Legistors have organized against her and behind my GOP opponent ”

    Do you know she eligible for a 118k a year pension? How about her OWN employees helping the GOP challanger? How about her costing taxpayers one million dollars as the organizer of “Occupy Raleigh”

    24 hours after hearing A.J. Daoud, Marshal sends out a “Panic Email”

    Say a prayer. Spread the word, the longest serving, most liberal Democrat is about to hear the people force her into retirement.


  2. The Constitution for the United States
    Article. I. Section 10. No State shall enter into any Treaty, Alliance, or Confederation:…

    Governor McCrory, What is our benefit from the “beneficial relationship with Moldova”? Other than a nice vacation spot for an elected public servant.

  3. How near did she come to the Hermitage?

    As I recall Governor & Mrs. Easley took a trip over that way shortly before leaving office, “The Cheeseburger in Paradise Tour.” I think the purpose of the trip was to arrange the exchange of museum exhibits. They spent about $16,000 on a Mercedes limo and the Governor explained that a “cheeseburger with fries was $60.00 over there.” (It might have been onion rings as the side.)

    I believe the Guv’ & Ms. Mary also dined on foie gras which I think is some type commercial hemp or a high grade of swag. Possibly it is the field covering for State’s new indoor practice facility.

    Hope Ms. Elaine’s trip has managed to tie up the loose ends on those museum exchanges. Isn’t a museum exchange somehow connected to cultural exchange?

  4. A.J. Daoud is a good guy, but he doesn’t stand a chance against Elaine Mardova.

    Knocking out Elaine — who stinks but is deeply entrenched — would take a capable and respected female Republican office-holder with a strong performance record who could raise money and would appeal to crossover and independent voters.

    Got any?

  5. “His job is to carry out the president’s foreign policy and communicate the nation’s interests with foreign countries.”
    Please allow me to correct that: “Lurch’s job is to be himself: (a babbling, geriatric idiot) and carry out the President’s Isolationist “America Is To Blame” foreign policy, and to bend over and grab his ankles for any foreign country that wants to insult & humiliate The United States”. Lurch still has trouble sitting down after the Iran Negotiations, where he and his boss “gave away the farm”. Thank me very much.
    Come to think of it, Elaine Marshall does look like she’s related to Lurch: “deer in the headlights” , and doesn’t have a clue!

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