#ncpol: Pittenger, McHenry come to the aid of Boehner & Obama on budget

North Carolina Republicans Robert Pittenger and Patrick McHenry were TWO of the seventy-nine Republicans who joined pittengerwith ALL of the Democrats in the House to pass the debt-increasing, budget-busting deal formulated in the middle of the night by The Orange Man and his buddy Barry.

Richard Hudson did not bother to vote — so he technically should be lumped in with those two. .

A GOP majority, we were told.  Just give us a Republican majority and we’ll make your wildest Tea Party dreams come true.  Well, the GOP owns Capitol Hill now. But Barry and Harry and Nancy are getting EVERYTHING they want and MORE!

Here are the gory details of this legislation: 

The House on Wednesday approved a controversial budget plan that most Republicans opposed, in what was likely to be House Speaker John Boehner’s last major legislative push before retiring on Friday.

The budget agreement will allow the government to exceed spending caps for the next two years and suspend the nation’s borrowing limit in exchange for modest entitlement reform.

The bill passed thanks to bipartisan support, with the majority of votes coming from Democrats who, conservatives complained, may have gotten the better end of the deal.

Republicans split more than two-to-one against it — the GOP vote was 79-167. Every Democrat supported the bill. The final vote was 266-167.

The measure now moves to the Senate, where conservatives are vowing to oppose it and where Democratic votes will again be required for passage. The White House said Wednesday that President Obama supports its passage to avoid a debt ceiling crisis that otherwise would hit Nov. 3.mchenry

The bill raises spending by $80 billion over the next two fiscal years and it suspends the nation’s borrowing limit until March 2017, which were the top items on the Democratic wish list.

But lawmakers in both parties praised the deal for eliminating the so-called sequester cuts.

“This will roll back the harmful, automatic meat-ax approach of sequestration cuts which gut important federal programs and slice the good with the bad, including slicing into our military strength,” said Appropriations Committee Chairman Hal Rogers, R-Ky.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., who helped craft the deal, said it “creates jobs, protects senior and invests in our future.”

Seriously, folks. It’s no longer Rs versus Ds.  It’s US vs. THEM.  (And THEM are perfectly fine with bleeding us dry to keep us dependent and to secure their personal financial and career success.)