#ncpol: Tillis comes to aid of Democrats on Boehner-Obama budget deal

Tillis-and-Ellmers-063And why not?  He’s got five years before he faces the voters again.  *Forget those silly campaign promises!*

Our US Senate delegation split on the vote to jack up federal spending AND federal debt through 2017.  Burr, who faces the voters next year, covered his rear with a NO vote.  (Any other time, he would have been at YES.)  Tillis was one of EIGHTEEN GOP defectors.  Here are the details: 

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) had vowed to filibuster the deal, but was unable to successfully stop it after the same 18 Republicans joined with the Democrats to invoke cloture. Nevertheless, the libertarian firebrand and Republican 2016 contender railed against the deal in a fiery Senate floor speech before the final vote.

“The establishment in Washington is completely and utterly tone-deaf to the way America feels about this,” the Kentucky senator said.

Earlier, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) compared approving the budget compromise to giving Obama a “diamond encrusted glow in the dark AmEx card” that would be paid off by future generations.


So, Thom didn’t JUST vote FOR IT.  He actively worked to kill conservative efforts to stop it. (Jus’ sayin’.)  MORE: 

[…] Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) voted against the deal and motion to invoke cloture, but did not deliver a speech on the subject.big spender

The agreement would raise the government debt ceiling until March 2017, removing the threat of an unprecedented national default just days from now. At the same time, it would set the budget of the government through the 2016 and 2017 fiscal years and ease punishing spending caps by providing $80 billion more for military and domestic programs, paid for with a hodgepodge of spending cuts and revenue increases touching areas from tax compliance to spectrum auctions.[…] 

And we retired Kay Hagan becauuuuuuse …..  ?

36 thoughts on “#ncpol: Tillis comes to aid of Democrats on Boehner-Obama budget deal

  1. Tillis is an Obama Republican, and needs to go. Burr has done this same thing enough times, that we have his number, too. With ”Republicans” like Tillis and Burr, who needs Democrats?

  2. When is a good time to invoke the RECALL of an elected official??!! Seems that may be the only remedy left to the electorate for relief from these TRAITORS.

  3. Greg Brannon would never have sold us out like that. He was the only true candidate of integrity in that Senate race! The voters who swallowed that poison Kool-Aid and choose the establishment are getting what they voted for…more of he same! This is the first time Burr voted no and that was only because he is up for re-election. We have to get these people out of office and elect true patriots! This is a great article: http://www.organizeforliberty.org/the_oath

    1. I like what a friend of mine told me the other day. He called Richard Burr’s office and said he didn’t care how Burr voted on the budget deal….he said if Burr didn’t filibuster and use every procedural hurdle at his disposal to stop the budget deal, it’s the same as voting for it.

  4. We need to have a looong memory on this guy. He is just slightly better than Hagan, but still a poor choice overall. And Burr….well he needs to go regardless. I think I am going to vote democrap in the next election for all our state level representation (no way I am ever voting Hitlary in any scenario, liberal is one thing, evil is another). The liberal GOP party being in all these positions is worse than having the democrap there.

    1. Just a reminder. 54% of Republicans voted for someone other than Tillis in the primary. He only took 49% in the general election. A lot of folks are getting what we didn’t vote for last year.

  5. Despite conservatives ranting, bill after bill is passed against our wishes. Unfortunately we have been conquered but do not know it. BTW – We cannot recall senators in NC

    1. NO state can recall a US Senator or Congressman. Some states allow for recalls but that only applies to local and state officials.

  6. Burr is finished! Greg Brannon REALLY should run against Burr! Tillis NEEDS to be recalled. We need to petition our State to issue a recall on Tillis because he is doing the SAME thing Hagan did!
    THERE should be term limits on those in the house AND senate. They should be held accountable to the constituents in their State and should be REQUIRED to give an account on each and every vote they participate in AND their reasoning behind their vote!

    1. The US Constitution does not allow for the recall of members of Congress. They can not be recalled period. I under the sentiments behind but people need to get over the idea because it can not happen.

    2. NO to Brannon. I supported him last time but to enter now won’t work unless he has been secretly preparing to run against Burr since last Election Day and even then, he should have had his name out there as the first challenger. Holmquist and Wright are in the race now as perfectly acceptable alternatives to Burr and the only advantage Brannon has over them is slightly more name recognition. Let’s not load the box with endless candidates for the purpose of handing Burr the nomination, the other side will do that if needed. (think Mark Harris)

      1. Thank you for your comment, Toxhandler. As you said, there are perfectly acceptable alternatives to the Richard Burrs and Renee Ellmers of the world who have consistently ignored, betrayed, and abandoned the conservatives who voted them into office. I’m one of those alternatives, as I’ve taken up the challenge of running against Mr. Burr in the primary. I’m happy to do so, and I think our campaign is gaining momentum every day.

        It is frustrating that many of the readers/commentators on this blog either don’t know that there are alternative candidates running, or, despite all their complaining about Burr and Ellmers, don’t seem inclined to help us very much in our efforts to replace them. Instead, they either pine away for a candidate who is not running, or wish the “perfect” candidate would come down from on high.

        I can’t speak for other candidates, but I’ll welcome any and all help I can get to retire Mr. Burr. So stop whining, put your money where your mouth is, go to my website, and then contact me. Let’s work together to put a true Constitutional conservative in the U.S. Senate from North Carolina!

        Larry Holmquist

    1. It actually looks more like East German style multi-party rule. Most people never noticed but East Germany technically had a couple of ”opposition” parties in its parliament, which were tolerated and allowed to hold seats as long as they never really did what an opposition party is supposed to do and actually oppose things. Boehner-Ryan-McConnell function like they are leading one of those old East German ”opposition parties”.

  7. This article should be printed out and mailed to every Republian who voted in the primary and every single time he votes like a big government Democrat the voters should get a letter. He’ll run as a “Conservative” again and the voters need to know he’s lying.

  8. Voters will forever bathe in this crap until and unless the 16th amendment is repealed and the taxing of income is replaced with a flat consumption tax. The 77,000 page income tax code is a politicians liscense to steal. The current code is a lobbyist ‘ s dessert. A consumption tax is the only way I can see to transfer power from the gov’t back to ” we the people”. HR 25 the FairTax bill has seventy sum sponsors at present. Should be 535.

  9. While I disagree with Burr more times than not, his staff has always treated me with respect. On the other hand, my interaction with Tillis and his staff has been the exact opposite. Tillis himself acts like a school yard bully and his staff could not care less about what you think. The rudest people I have ever dealt with. Tillis is worse than Kay Hagan! Defund the RINO ESTABLISHMENT!

    1. I agree that Burr has a good staff, especially his eastern office, but the man votes in the Senate on key issues more often with Harry Reid than with Ted Cruz. That is just not acceptable.

  10. I share your anger. I contributed to Thom Tillis’ campaign, and I voted for him.
    You are absolutely right, he is a liar and a traitor!
    I grant you, there is no “recall provision” for elected Representatives or Senators in the US Constitution, or the North Carolina Constitution. BUT THERE SHOULD BE!
    A Convention of States (ie: A Constitutional Convention) could rectify that, and it could also include a Balanced Budget Amendment, and a Term Limits Amendment (for Congress).
    I would (facetiously) propose another Amendment: “Charlatans, liars and traitors like Richard Burr, Thom Tillis, and Renee Ellmers shall be tarred and feathered, and ridden out of town on a rail”.

  11. “Ted Cruz gave a great speech on the Senate floor that details just how awful this deal with the devil is:”
    Sorry for the double post. I didn’t watch the last Republican Debate, but I saw the clips. Ted Cruz hit a home run, when he blasted the liberal weenie “moderators” from CNBC out of the water! He got the largest round of applause in the debate.
    This was not a debate, it was a craven attempt by these leftist CNBC loons (masquerading as “journalists”) to degrade and humiliate every Republican on that stage). Marco Rubio said “The Main Stream Media is a Super Pac for the Democrats”! To their credit, all the Republican candidates figured out the game, and went into attack mode against the CNBC Democrat Hacks.
    Hell, they have even dragged RNC Chairman Rience Priebus’ head out of Karl Rove’s ass long enough to announce that the RNC will no longer have anything to do with NBC and any future debates!
    Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio have gained a lot of points with me.

    1. That speech linked above is about another issue and that is the rotten GOP leadership in Congress – McConnell, Boehner, and now Ryan – who do the Democrats dirty work for them. I watched a good part of it, but not all. Cruz cites some appalling statistics near the beginning, that every Republican should be aware of, but his best line is about how Mitch McConnell has proven himself a very effective leader for the Democrats. So true! And so sad for our party!

  12. Exactly. Tholl Rhoad Thom Thillis will not have to worry about NC voters because there is no way anyone will remember what happened in 2015 when his election rolls around.

    Thom is rolling with the punches and realizes that his bread is now buttered in Washington rather down here in NC.

    And in 5 years time will there even be a conservative movement? The way the Republicans are falling in Washington I do not know if we can hold out much longer. At this rate I’m not even sure that Obama will not still be the President.

    Are we still holding Richmond?

  13. This is why I supported Brannon and wrote in John Rhodes on election day. We need a true Constitutional conservative like Brannon to challenge BurRino. Burr works for the Chamber of Communism, not the citizens of NC.

    1. The US Chamber of Corrupt Crony Capitalism is the mother of all special interest groups. They have announced that they are going to spend $100 million in GOP primaries to defeat conservatives for US House and Senate. Apparently, elected officials with principles get in the way of their rotten special interest deals and are therefore inconvenient. Tom Purdue, the chairman of the US Chamber was quoted in the Washington Times talking about his group’s key issues, the ”sharp end of the spear” as he called them, and they were all issues that favored big government, such as spending more money and passing amnesty for illegal aliens.

      I remember back when the Chamber used to support free enterprise smaller government, less regulation, and lower taxes. That Chamber is dead. The new chamber supports crony capitalism and a partnership between big government and big business.

      If the Chamber goes to war with us, then we need to go to war with them. Never, never, never vote for a Chamber candidate for any office, not in the primary, and not in the general. Show them that votes matter more than money.

  14. it is absolutely astonishing that republicans are fooled so often.

    burr/till/ellmers are THE biggest traitors and Liars to ever fool North Carolina. RINO’S are SCUM.

  15. If one were to check-in at conservative review they would find Thom Tillis scoring a 33. Although I have a feeling this does not reflect his latest budget busting vote of early Friday morning. Surely it will be coming down even further. If one were to compare Thom to Bernie Sanders (an admitted socialist) they would find Thom 17 points to his left. On the other hand Thom is 60 (plus) points away from Cruz. It will be interesting to see if Thom falls below Bernie Sanders! So Sad! https://www.conservativereview.com/members/thom-tillis/

  16. Taking Burr out in a primary?

    Unless Burr changes to Caitlyn Burr then I do not see much chance of that.

  17. “Are we still holding Richmond?”
    Y’know, and above poster mentioned Kay Hagan (whom I voted against). But one thing I will say about Kay Hagan, is that she was (at least) honest. She supported Obama and his liberal causes, tooth & nail)!
    Unlike our two current RINO senators, who campaign as Conservatives, then vote as Obama sycophants.
    As an above poster said, another organization that needs to be nuked is the US Chamber of Commerce!

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