#ncga: Heads up! Robert Brawley is back.

brawleyHe was an outspoken  critic of House leadership.  Then-speaker Thom Tillis found him a primary opponent and helped knock him out of the House.  Theam Thillis may have knocked Robert Brawley down, but they haven’t put him out.

In an email to supporters this week, Brawley confirmed his intention to file for the House District 95 GOP primary.  (He was knocked out of that Charlotte-area seat in the 2014 primary by John Fraley.)   Brawley, in 2013, racked up a respectable conservative voting record. 

Brawley made waves on Jones Street by publicly questioning Tillis’s ethics, as well as the I-77 toll project that Tillis and Gov. McCrory have so passionately pursued.


5 thoughts on “#ncga: Heads up! Robert Brawley is back.

    1. I join progressive Barry in his support for principled conservatives like Brawley. May our dreams of a continued Republican majority come true. For the children.

  1. Robert Brawley is the type of principled grassroots Republican that we need. He will not have his head up the rear end of the special interests like so many we have up there now.

    Where can we send him a contribution? He will probably have to fight off that despicable liberal special interest slug Dee Stewart again, like last time.

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