Meet the new boss. Pretty much the same as the old boss. (Not as orange.)

All of the DC-NY conservative intelligentsia are swooning and cooing over the rise of Paul Ryan to the speakership of the US House.  I have never understood the conservative fascination with Ryan.  He’s all for amnesty for illegal aliens.  He was all for the Wall Street bailouts. He’s been all for the debt ceiling increases.  He’s bryaneen OK-FINE with the spending increases we’ve seen during DC’s Republican era.

Ryan has been a good soldier for Boehner.  Boehner appointed him chairman of one of the most powerful committees in the House.  Ryan teamed up with Eric Cantor and Kevin McCarthy on this whole ‘Young Guns’ PAC-thingie that gave us the likes of,um,  Richard Hudson.  Ryan even campaigned in primaries for incumbents against Tea Party challengers. 

It’s been incredibly perplexing to see people, like — say — Mark Meadows, who clashed with Boehner, suddenly start singing Ryan’s praises.  Is Ryan going to guide the House down a path where the majority actually seeks to use the GOP platform as an agenda?  Let’s see: 

Rep. Paul D. Ryan is the new speaker of the House and he’s already signaling that things will be different under his leadership.

“No more favors for the few,” said Ryan, R-Wis., in an address before the full House on Thursday morning. “Opportunity for all. That is our motto.”

Actually sounds like the Democrat motto.  I think I’ve heard Barry Hussein himself use that catch-phrase.  MORE: 

Ryan, after easily being elected the 54th speaker of the House, called for an end to the current stagnant state of Congress and introduced his new vision; one that includes open debate, bipartisan cooperation, and a return to regular order.

In response to continued calls for reforming how the House operates, Ryan championed “opening up the process,” empowering rank-and-file members to immediately contribute and individual committees to begin drafting “all major legislation.”

Oh, so it’s about process — not ideology.  How very Dukakis.  Apparently, The “Freedom”‘ Caucus and the rest of the gang got bought off with promises of more podium time.  And that “bipartisan cooperation” thing?  There is a reason we voted for more Republicans than Democrats.   (Speakers O’Neill, Wright, Foley, and Pelosi knew of no such animal.)romney ryan

 And, that last paragraph in the above blurb?  Is he meaning to tell us the House is going to start actually behaving like the Founders meant it to?  (I won’t hold my breath. Tim Moore promised the same type of thing in Raleigh when he got started.  And look at what we got.

Ryan is a creature of DC.  That’s all he’s known in his adult life.  We’re stuck with him as speaker — at least for the time being.  But it’s pretty clear that we can’t back off of these people. If we’re not careful, we’re going to experience déjà vu all over again.