NC’s MSM: seething over GOPer’s Facebook, yawning over Elaine M’s video of love for OWS

biasOK. Let’s see if we an follow this “logic.”  Someone who dares to question the current system of government-funded day care is unfit to serve in any capacity related to said subject in state government.  But a senior state official, caught on video, praising the antics of a radical, Marxist group is NO BIG DEAL?  

That’s what the remnants of mainstream media in North Carolina would try to lead us to believe.  WRAL and The McClatchy Gang teamed up with their comrades at the North Carolina Democrat Party to run Dianna Lightfoot right out of her job before she could even get started.  Lightfoot, a critic of state-funded day care, was set to take  senior position at NCDHHS that would oversee various state pre-K programs.  Lefties love to chirp about the wonders of diversity and freedom of expression.  But just try to question their tactics or line of thinking.  Then, watch all that “love”  DRY UP.  

Compare and contrast all of this with the 2012 campaign for North Carolina secretary of state, where GOP candidate Ed Goodwin expressed disgust with Democrat Elaine Marshall’s public embrace of The Occupy movement.  Elaine denied that she embraced that group of far-left fruit loops.  She claimed that she merely welcomed them to North Carolina, just like she claims she did for The Tea Party. (Funny, no one in The NC Tea Party can ever recall Elaine showing her face around any of their events in the state.)   Never mind that Marshall’s campaign manager wrote THIS on the far-left Daily Kos web site:

Hi Daily Kos! Tiffany here from Elaine’s campaign.

There are a lot of politicians trying to cozy up to Occupy Wall Street – but very few are actually hitting the streets to stand with them. That’s why I’m proud to be working for North Carolina Secretary of State Elaine Marshall – someone who hasn’t just embraced the OWS protests, but has actually joined with them on the streets of Raleigh!  […]

Thank you all,

Tiffany Reynolds Richardson
Elaine Marshall for Secretary of State

Is that not enough for you?  Check out the video HERE.    Doesn’t it seem kind of dangerous to have someone — so impressed with an anti-capitalism movement — holding a job so central to the business community in North Carolina?   The state’s MSM apparently isn’t bothered, and doesn’t think we should be. 

Folks, if we count on McClatchy and WRAL for our information, we will truly lose our state.  They are stenographers for the radical left working day and night to treat us like mushrooms.   We’re getting regular reports about how ad revenue and viewership / readership for McClatchy, et al., are plummeting.  What do you expect when you treat your customers like useful idiots?