#NCSEN Former NCGOP legislator: Brannon “doesn’t like Mexicans,” we “need” Speaker Thom’s experience

tt2I’m on several politically-flavored email lists, where political junkies bat around the issues and the inside scoop on elections. Participants include former and current elected officials, business leaders, current and former paid (and unpaid) political operatives, as well as current and former members of the news media.  

One group circulated THIS PIECE I wrote on the issue of amnesty and the 2014 US Senate primary.  It provoked an interesting email response from Ivan Mothershead (yes, that’s his real name), a former Republican state House member from Mecklenburg County:

I simply don’t know what to say.  Vote for Greg because he doesn’t like Mexicans?  Remind me what Greg or the preacher know about ANY legislation?  Did they teach politics at Medical school or Divinity school?  What offices again has Greg or the preacher ever held?  Do they know ANYTHING about the Senate?

I am sure they are a nice guys.  We don’t need “on the job” training.  We need a Senator ready to go when he gets to DC.  That is Thom.

I can assure you Thom is a hell of a lot more conservative than Burr.  That’s not saying a lot.  Thom is a worker.  He, by himself, has changed the entire political landscape of  NC.  For his work he get a challenge from a preacher and a doctor?

This IS a joke right?

You would NOT have a Republican House or Senate without the work of Thom Tillis.  Where was Greg or the preacher four years ago while Thom was driving up and down the state building this party?


You guys be sure to return that money you get because Tillis and HIS House members reduced your income taxes OK?

I am sorry, you people should be embarrassed.  We need a team, not a bunch of egos. 

Get on the team. Tillis is going to win.

Have a nice day, get off my lawn.



34 thoughts on “#NCSEN Former NCGOP legislator: Brannon “doesn’t like Mexicans,” we “need” Speaker Thom’s experience

  1. Where was this Ivan Mothershead when Thom TIlli$ was working with Jim Black and RIchard Morgan to screw the GOP caucus in the NC House?

    Tilli$ has already clearly shown he is not a conservative by allying with the likes of Jim Black, RIchard Morgan, Karl Rove, Lindsay Graham, and Mitch McConnell. We do not need a Jim Black / Richard Morgan ”Republican” representing North Carolina We also do not need a prostitute for $pecial interest$ like Thom Tilli$ representing our state.

    If Mothershead wants to know what is wrong with McConnell, he should take a look at http://www.dumpmcconnell.com .

    1. Raphael,

      I must assume you are a troll or new to the state. Mr Black, democrat felon, was not in the legislature when Thom was elected. He was IN JAIL.

      Thom was NOT in the legislature when Morgan was. I will bet money he’s never even met Morgan.

      I did hear the Thom channels Zombie Lee Atwater at night.

      God I wish he could.

      You probably have no clue who Lee Atwater was. Sad.

      For the editors, I don’t believe republishing private emails is legal, but I’ll let that slide.


      1. Ivan,

        You’re digging deeper. Quit while you’re behind. See my reply to Nate below. Tillis WAS in the GA with Black and was a candidate at the same time Richard Morgan was (2006).

        It’s ok for you to like who you like – and to lobby vigorously for them. But, don’t make up your own set of facts or misrepresent the truth to do so.

        1. Hmm. Good information. I thought Tillis was not elected till 08. Rhodes was a good conservative, but a loose cannon.

          When you get old, shit fades together.

          1. So telling the truth about Black and Morgan made Rhodes a ”loose cannon” in your book? Seems like the facts eventually bore out the truth of what he was saying – Black went to prison for corruption, and Morgan was thrown out of the Republican Party for party disloyalty in conspiring with Black and defeated in his own primary. Tilli$ is a throwback to the corrupt era of Morgan and Black, and he needs to be stopped, too.

    1. Even worse than politicians. Tilli$ is nothing but a pro$titute for the $pecial interest$. like those who back amnesty for illegal aliens because they want cheap labor at the expense of ordinary American citizens.

  2. What a stupid statement. Greg doesn’t like Mexican’s??? Is there any proof of that?

    My problem with Thom Tillis is he is “politics as usual”. He is already falling in line with McConnell and the Republican establishment. He will be no different than Richard Burr. Just another politician voting with the bloc. I wrote to him and asked him questions on several issues. I have yet to hear back from him with an answer. He could care less about North Carolinians. Just another politician.

    1. A private email is not publishable, so we will start with the blog breaking the law.

      My point in that statement was that the stupid, yes stupid article, written about immigration boiled down to an attempt to paint Tillis as pro immigration and Brannon as ant-immigration.

      That boils down to not liking Mexicans as short cut to the point.

      That too hard to figure out?

      1. Tilli$ painted himself as pro-amnesty with his statement to BIg Ag. Of course, he already did that with his pushing legislation to gut e-Verify in North Carolina and to give illegal aliens drivers licenses.

        Or is Tilli$ trying to speak out of both sides of his $pecial Intere$t mouth?

      2. You conviently forget to use the term “iLLEGAL” in your writing! This country is a nation of laws!
        You and the political elite of North Carolina and Washington DC are lawless and the country will not survive with such pervasive corruption!
        Wise up or get out of the way!
        The Tea Party, “The People”, are taking back our country from the lawless!

      3. So putting Americans workers and taxpayers first, especially OUR poor and unemployed, is equated with “not liking Mexicans”?

        YOUR defense of Tillis is making me like him less and less, if that’s possible.

  3. Remind me the elected office that Dr. Rand Paul, the eye doctor held prior to becoming the junior Senator from KY. ‘Nuff said.

    1. Or for that matter Jesse Helms, John East, Lauch Faircloth, or even Elizabeth Dole. Three of those four were excellent US Senators from North Carolina.

  4. For the record, Tillis wasn’t in the House when Jim Black and Richard Morgan were in charge. Stick to the facts.

    1. The facts are that Morgan and Black recruited Tilli$ to run against outspoken conservative Representative John Rhodes in the GOP primary, and Morgan openly supported him in the primary, including through his corrupt NC Mainstreet Committee. Tilli$ was one of the ”coalition” candidates supporting the alliance of self described moderate ”Republican” Morgan and a small rump group of ”Republicans” and liberal Democrat Black who had full support of the Democrat caucus. Rhodes was a conservative who supported the GOP caucus. In Tilli$’ first term, Morgan and Black were still in office and still allies. Morgan was bumped from the position of nominal ”co-speaker” to a lesser position, but he stuck with Black. And Tilli$ stuck with them.

      In his primary campaign, Tilli$ attacked Rhodes constantly for his criticisms of Morgan and Black. No one who was around at that time (were you?) can credibly say that Tilli$ was not a Black / Morgan ally.

  5. I would say that the doctor has learned to follow procedure- something that was taught at medical school. In politics, the Constitution is the document to follow.

    The fact that Thom and Karl Rove are allies is all I need to know about Mr. Tillis. The good doctor will be getting my vote.

  6. @Nate: Stick to the facts. Tillis was elected in 2006 – the same year that Jim Black won re-election. Black was embroiled in scandal, but fought it up until the end. Part of his fight included working to stack the Democrat bench in the House. It wasn’t until December that he relented to some pressure and said he would not run for Speaker again. He did not resign from the GA until February 2007. His intention up until December was to run the House as he always had.

    Richard Morgan also ran in 2006, but was defeated by Joe Boylan in the primary. Morgan’s intention up until that point was to be Black’s right-hand man.

    To wit, both Black and Morgan entered the 2006 election cycle with all intentions of carrying on business as usual. Part of business as usual was to recruit Cornelius Commissioner and Jim Black crony, Thom Tillis to run against one of the most outspoken and conservative Republicans in the House – John Rhodes. He outspent Rhodes by 3-to-1 and loaned his campaign $100,000 to do it knowing that it would easily be paid back with the political favors yet to come in.

    Rhodes had been the first to call for Black’s resignation over his scandal and was a thorn in Richard Morgan’s side. Having a better chance to defeat Rhodes with a fellow Republican than with a Democrat, they set their plan into action.

    Tillis’ connections were clearly evident when he named his buddy, (now) convicted felon, Jim Black ally, and co-conspirator with Richard Morgan, Stephen LaRoque, to head the powerful Rules Committee in the House – knowing that LaRoque’s fraudulent business deals were under scrutiny.

    You want facts? You want a record? Look it up. This website and others have put the information out there for years if you’ll only look.

    Don’t drink the koolaid. Tillis is a nice enough guy and might even be more conservative than Burr, but it’s all about the power with him. He’s already loaned his campaign at least $250k this time around because he knows it is an “investment”. Once elected, he’ll easily be able to pay himself back with the political favors that roll in.

    I don’t want to take anything away from Tillis’ accomplishments in the House, but remember all the “controversial” bills that passed were wildly popular with the people. The only place there was a fight was in the GA, and he had the votes to do what he wanted there. If you look closely, you’ll see he really played it safe rather than step out on any principled ledge. If principles are most important to you, you’ll have to pick someone else.

    1. So, for those 6 weeks with Tillis’s tenure overlapped with Black’s, he was really a “Jim Black guy.” Ok, buddy.

      1. The important thing is that TIlli$ was recruited to run in a primary to support the moderate and corrupt Morgan / Black gang, and did run in that primary against a good conservative. His whole reason for getting into politics was supporting corrupt anti-conservatives. In his primary campaign, Tilli$ attacked the incumbent for attacking his mentors Black and Morgan.

      2. Get your head out of your rump, Nate. It’s not the few months Black was still there, it was the longer term relationship with Black/Morgan and the two years prior to the election of them wooing him to run and helping him through the primary campaign to unseat Rhodes.

        Surely you are not that dense. If you support Tillis, that’s fine. But don’t act like history didn’t happen or that it doesn’t have a bearing on this election. You can’t make the facts fit your narrative, so you have fabricated a fantasy island from which to support your guy… Ok, buddy…

  7. Oh, and Ivan, I’d rather my Senator know about the Constitution over legislation. Any idiot can make laws (a fact proven time and again). It takes an elected official who knows his Constitutional duty to make the right laws (or repeal the wrong ones).

  8. I don’t think this ‘blow-hard’ just gave these two Conservatives a ringing endorsement…while reminding us, we don’t want to make the same mistake we made with Burr – electing someone who talks Conservative, but when elected, becomes engulfed in the DC political ‘game’!!!

  9. I am really happy to see that so many people understand what Tillis stands for. He is a “more of the same ‘conservative'” who will swing like a flag to make deals and compromises that he can then sell to his constituents still wearing blinders as being great work. No, Tillis is no conservative and it’s obvious that Robin Hayes his dear friend is doing nothing more than a little strategic vote dividing by supporting Harris. If the good reverend truly has a calling, he will step aside and ask his supporters to vote for Brannon. It’s time for a constitutional Senator not more of the same. Oh and by the way, Tillis made sure that the con con call recension bill did not come up last session. I was standing in a house members office when the call came in telling him to stand down because no bills referring to the Constitution were going to be coming to the floor.

  10. Well, Ivan’s comments confirm my fears of the Establishment Republican Party.

    His attacks are inline with the same unfounded character assassination of progressives.

    Notice that I don’t attack Thom Tillis? I appreciate what he has done for the State of North Carolina. Locally, I expect more of a politician who works on our laws.

    At the federal level, I want to see the Constitution adhered to. For that, a citizen statesmen is called for now more than ever.

    Dr. Brannon has my vote.


  11. Note to Mr. Motherhead and NCGOP; Businesses & taxpayers fleeing democrat run bankrupt blue states ( didn’t NC go blue in 2008?) are loaded for bear. Thank God I was alerted to,” The Daily Haymaker” before I moved here in June. I knew that the RINOs are as powerful here as anywhere and must and can be stopped. Between the impotent senior senator and one of the,” creatures from the black lagoon” otherwise referred to as “Chuck Schumer’s Sock Puppet” NC republicans must be stopped from continually shooting their brains “just to get along.” Republicans are so paralysed they can’t even articulate why Obamacare,& Amnesty will turn NC into all the other failed blue, neo-communist states. But Dr. Brannon can.
    Many in the “Tea-Party” were democrats in college and then we woke up. I never would have believed that those vicious Woodstock, N.Y. hippies would takeover the public schools and deliver us a Marxist in the White House. There is no time left. It’s pitiful that former rep. Mr. Mothershead has to resort to name-calling because in my opinion, he can’t stand that a brilliant, accomplished physician is the demonstrable right choice.

    1. We’re indebted this gentleman for giving us a fresh example of the casual contempt of the political class for ordinary people and their ability to choose their own representatives.

  12. Knowledge be good.

    If Tillis had anything to do with that copperhead traitor Morgan,

    I might be reconsidering my position.

    Going to ask some questions.

  13. I know Greg Brannon. I even know his best childhood friend was Roberto Duran’s nephew with the same name. Hates Mexicans but loves him some Panamanians?! Well, at least when he was younger? Sorry, Ivan, I’ve met Roberto, because Greg flew him from LA so he could spend some time with his old buddy a few years back. I’m sure Greg would accept your apology; he’s a great guy. AND he would love to debate any of your guys on the Constitution.

  14. If a “politician” knows SOOO much more about government, history and the constitution than just little ol Dr. Greg then how’s about a good ol fashion debate?
    Should be a lay up for Tom “experienced politician” Tillis right???
    ***crickets chirping***

  15. As the Brannon’s neighbor for 20 years, I can tell you with all sincerity that Greg is absolutely, positively NOT a racist. In fact, he is the most color-blind person I know when it comes to choosing friends and serving others generously. We joke that Greg will never be a rich man because he’ll give everything he has away taking care of others – and I have seen it first hand repeatedly. Get your facts straight about this man. Pick on his politics if you don’t like what he supports, but don’t create lies about the man to achieve your goals.

  16. #ThomTillisExposed – AGAIN

    I have seen these exact same talking points from Tillis supporters everywhere including from my NC House member. This is how the libs operate. Use the same talking points over & over again & eventually the sheep will start to believe them. Stir the pot… This campaign disgusts me to no end.
    The talking point that states that Tillis is responsible for turning NCGA Red in ’09 & ’10 is absolutely false. NCGA was turned red because of the hard work and efforts of the grassroots in NC. Most getting involved for the first time thanks to the failed policies of Bev, but more importantly the Pres and his signature legislation #Obamacare. Tillis has refused to meet with grassroots in NC despite many invitations and has never supported or even acknowledged their existence, even trying to hijack their accomplishments.
    This has not gone unnoticed and the people will speak loud and clear. We are fed up with career politicians with bloated egos. Time for a citizen statesman and for NC to send Senators Cruz, Lee and Paul some help. NC’ians want to hold our heads high.

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