NC-05: Can Mayberry knock off The Mean Old Lady?

The drive-by, alleged “mainstream” media is failing voters worse this year than ever before.  They are failing to inform voters about the choices on upcoming ballots.  They are pronouncing certain candidates as “the likely winner” or “the presumed nominee” before the first vote is cast or even before the polls open for Election Day.  At best, it’s more poor effort from a dying industry.  At worst, it’s an ugly bit of voter suppression. 

So, online folks like us are left to pass on the information to you before you cast your votes.  At one time, Virginia Foxx was an easy choice at the ballot box.  As a legislator in Raleigh, she was an affable conservative who actually listened to the folks back home.  However, since she’s been in Washington, she’s gotten older and meaner and less conservative. Perhaps the rest home is finally calling her.  Perhaps it’s time to let someone younger – someone who still gives a flip about the future of the country – a spin at the wheel.

Foxx has made news on Capitol Hill for terrifying interns and growling at constituents and media for really silly things. Foxx has adopted the Tillis attitude about how being on Capitol Hill makes you smarter than the folks back home.  (The praise she gave horrible John Boehner was really over the top.)

Foxx badmouthed Ted Cruz’s efforts to defund ObamaCare and accused him of “brainwashing” people.

She also strongly supported legislation making it easier for employers to get access to your personal health and genetic information. 

Foxx has regularly racked up C and D ratings from conservative groups who watch Congress.  She’s also been a dependable cheerleader for continuing resolutions and omnibus spending bills which ignore our exploding debt and deficits — basically the whole ideal of fiscal conservatism. 

This stuff sounds a lot different from what the average folks in the 5th district believe.  But Foxx, like so many of our other useless US House incumbents, depend on the out-of-state PACs and special interests to insulate them from the wrath of the voters every two years.  Six or seven figures of special-interest-supplied advertising money to put lipstick on a pig can do wonders to protect compliant incumbents like Foxx. 

Folks in the 5th district have a choice in the 2024 GOP primary.  His name is Ryan Mayberry – an entrepreneur and family man who has a lot of combined public and community service in his background.  Mayberry appears to be in line with what a lot of MAGA voters are looking for.  (You don’t see that contempt Foxx appears to be afflicted with.)

So, again, DO YOUR HOMEWORK before heading to the polls. Don’t vote based on name recognition. Don’t vote based on how many signs you see along the road.  Consider which candidate has your interests, and those of your family, at heart.

Will YOU choose who represents you in Washington, or once again will the Raleigh and DC special interests CHOOSE FOR YOU?