#CRomnibus: Foxx cheers it; Holding apologizes for himself

foxxUS Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-5) is making use of the cromnibus talking points disseminated by Boehner & co.:

“While an omnibus spending bill is not ideal, it allows changes to policy that a continuing resolution simply cannot. For example, this legislation includes provisions to help meet the goal of ending the disability claims backlog at the Department of Veterans Affairs by the end of 2015. It also prevents the Army Corps of Engineers from regulating farm ponds and irrigation ditches under the Clean Water Act. 

“Additionally this bill will allow Congress to focus immediately on addressing the pressing issues facing our nation, including stopping President Obama from implementing his executive amnesty, when we return in January with Republican majorities in the House and Senate. 

“The appropriations process is an important tool for holding the vast federal bureaucracy accountable to Congress, and it’s my sincere hope that next year the Senate will return to regular order, including hearings, oversight and the elimination of wasteful spending on ineffective programs, as the House has been doing for the past four years.” 

H.R. 83, Consolidated and Further Continuing Appropriations Act, 2015, passed the House of Representatives by a vote of 219 to 206. The bill abides by the 2013 bipartisan budget agreement, and overall discretionary spending has been reduced by $165 billion since FY 2010 as a result.

The House passed seven appropriations bills this year. The Democratic-led Senate passed no appropriations bills.  

Oh.  *THAT makes it soooooo much better.*  She’s clearly on the same page with Renee Ellmers AND Richard Hudson.  They all want Cromnibus-copyto talk about the EPA and the IRS, but don’t want to talk about the pass they gave the two biggest current threats to America’s future:  ObamaCare and amnesty for illegal aliens. 

I still haven’t heard a good reason for allowing Dingy Harry and Nancy Pelosi to influence federal spending for another whole year. 

Even Renee Ellmers admits that Barry Obama can take the money from a continuing resolution and do what he wants with it.  So, HOW exactly did Mrs. Foxx & co. STOP AMNESTY? 

It appears George Holding (R-13) says he had two really “bad choices” facing him this week: 

“Due to the standoff between the Democratic Senate and the Republican House, two bad choices landed on Congress’ doorstep today.

“Bad choice number one was to vote against the appropriations resolution – which would lead straight to a government shutdown. We’ve already seen this doesn’t solve problems or bring about spending cuts.

“Bad choice number two was to vote for the appropriations resolution. To be sure, there are some worthwhile provisions in the resolution – for instance, it provides funds to fight ISIS.

“Those were the choices, and it was a take it or leave it proposition. We couldn’t amend the bill. We either had to vote for a bad bill or shut down the government. Period.sleep

“In the end, I reluctantly voted for the bill as the lesser of two evils. But make no mistake: this budget resolution encapsulated what’s wrong with Washington politics. There wasn’t a good choice. Just two bad choices.

“Next year, when there is a Republican majority in the Senate, this kind of broken politics must end. Republicans need to offer a real budget rather than proposing another last-minute resolution.”

Yep.  *That 2013 government shutdown was soooooo traumatic and damaging to the GOP that they won 40-plus additional seats in the House and nine new seats in the Senate.*  

That dog still ain’t hunting, George. 


15 thoughts on “#CRomnibus: Foxx cheers it; Holding apologizes for himself

  1. Holding is more clever in his approach, and does seem to realize that the voters back home are not at all happy and are starting to see through Boehner’s blue smoke and mirrors. Still, he cannot cover up what he did to America and to the Republican Party.

    Foxx shows that she has totally gone native inside the beltway. She is entirely one of them and not at all one of us now. She has no comprehension of thought outside the beltway.

    As to a primary candidate, doesn’t Heather Grant live in that district? Any other possibilities?

    1. There is plenty of time to move in someone like they did with Walter Jones. Maybe get that write-in candidate guy who ran against Tillis. What was his name?

      Sounds like a whole load of primary candidates will be needed. Of course this time around it may be wise to make sure they are “electable.” You know, appeal to the general electorate and not just to the lunatic fringe.

      1. To which lunatic fringe are you referring, jc?

        Most of the conservative “lunatic fringe” (you old diplomat, you!) are actually more likely to be respectors of the law and armed with facts than the leftist fringe. (I’m a proud member of this right-wing bunch, although I’m more of a constitutional and fiscal conservative.) It makes good sense to align with well-informed, law-abiding voters who love America.

        Or, do you mean the far-leftie Kos Kid/MSNBC fringe, that gets spoon-fed a junk food diet of Marxism and fact-free twaddle, passed off as “news.” Most of that bunch aren’t even aware that our government has three separate branches, and that America is a democracy. They also think they’re entitled to everything you worked for, and will gleefully sic Fedzilla on you to confiscate it. Is this the mob you think we need to woo?

        Or do you mean the intellectually-lazy “general electorate” that mostly ignores politics — right up to election day, when it faithfully shows up and (in spite of being ignorant about the candidates) marks its ballot, based on nothing more than name recognition or party affiliation?

        But, why would we want a candidate who appeals to this low-information crowd? That’s only gets us the lowest common denominator types — Obama and Carter, for example. They’re always sure-fire disasters.

        By the way, one of those “write-in candidate guy(s)” you mention was John Rhodes, who got my vote for U.S. Senator and who would make a good replacement for any of the NC RINO herd. If he runs in 2016, I’ll proudly be one of the “RHODES’ WARRIORS.”

        The important thing is to cull the varmints, and fast.

        I’m so sick of politics, I could puke. But it’s too dangerous to turn away, and allow our “public servants” free rein. We need to keep them constantly under the dark, threatening shadow of the club — a reminder that we’re always watching, and their doom is just a vote away.

        1. CORRECTION: I intended to say in my above post that the leftists THINK America is a democracy. (It’s actually a republic, as I had to explain to one of them, last week.)

      2. The lunatic fringe has become what is now referred to as the general electorate. Those who believe in limited government principals are in the minority and those who are either too “stupid” or who wholly believe in big government have the majority. Given this dynamic, providing candidates who appeal to the “general electorate” simply perpetuates the status quo and results in more of the same. Now that we’ve “thrown the rascals out” it’s a shame that they have simply been replaced with more rascals. Playing to the middle can only continue the farce.

      3. John Rhodes cannot run in a Republican primary. If you’ll check his registration he is an Independent. Maybe they have changed the rules to let Independents run in Republican primaries. They let undocumented Democrats run in Republican primaries all the time.

        1. Sam, I’m (barely, after the CRomnibus) still a registered Republican, but at this point, I’d vote for an Independent candidate in a second.

          Most (R) politicians no longer represent conservatives, anyway. They’ve even stopped trying to hide their contempt for us — although that contempt apparently doesn’t extend to our money. The RNC still sends me red “PAST DUE” begging letters, long after I stopped donating to the jackals.

          ‘PAST DUE” ???!!! I pay my bills on time, so that mightily pissed me off. (Reince Priebus, I hope you read this.)

          That sort of tactic requires a level of shamelessness usually found only in Obamacare hawkers and disgraced TV evangelists.

    2. There are folks born and raised in the 5th district currently looking into what it would require to successfully challenge Virginia Foxx in the 2016 Republican primary.

      Unseating an entrenched incumbent is a hearty endeavor.

      But not impossible.

      Richard Carter Jr

  2. Foxx just wants to keep O’Boehner happy. Screw the taxpaying, law abiding, citizens of this Unconstitutional Republik!

  3. “Bad choice number one was to vote against the appropriations resolution – which would lead straight to a government shutdown. ”

    But, that’s not true.

    Instead, he helped Boehner, Obama and Reid avoid having to backtrack and go with a much smarter, more appropriate, short-term CR.

    He chose to participate in their folly. He was either broken, or bought – neither one is very worthwhile.

    1. All of what you say is true….they didn’t have to extend this this out to next September and deliberately tied the hands of newly elected incoming freshmen legislators. People like Mia Love of Utah, Dave Brat of Virginia, and Mark Walker of North Carolina who understand they got elected to fight, not surrender.

      Having said that, you’re right about Holding and not to correct Brant, but that isn’t an apology, it’s a lame and misleading explanation from Holding. The problem is that the rest of the delegation merely disappointed us. Holding outright broke a central campaign promise….that he would go to Washington and cut, cut, cut spending. So much for that.

      As for Foxx, when someone introduced a resolution to the NCGOP Executive Committee last Saturday calling for the NC GOP congressional delegation to oppose John Boehner for Speaker, she was quick to defend the RINO which pretty much puts her in the same class as Renee Ellmers.

  4. How bout this comedy from Robert pittenger’s website.

    “Today’s vote was a victory for hardworking American taxpayers, who are tired of Washington wasting their hard earned money,” commented Congressman Pittenger (NC-09).  “Democrats have long ignored the normal budget process, allowing wasteful spending to continue on autopilot.  This spending bill restores fiscal sanity by forcing Washington to live on a budget, just like ordinary American families.”

    1. Someone should send Congressman Pittenger a copy of “Don’t Pee On My Leg and Tell Me It’s Raining,” a 1996 book by television’s “Judge Judy” (Judith Sheindlin).

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