CRomnibus passes Senate. Burr helps. (*Um, Surprise ?!*)

111003_richard_burr_ap_328Ted Cruz (R-TX) and his crew put up a good fight, but — in the end — the horrible, horrible, evil, blood-sucking, baby-killing, puppy-kicking CRomnibus passed the US Senate 56-40.

Cruz, Mike Lee (R-UT), and Jeff Sessions (R-AL) pushed a point of order vote to declare the cromnibus unconstitutional  and derail Barry Obama’s executive action on amnesty.  That truly pissed off the GOP leadership – including Cruz’s fellow Texan John Cornyn.  The Cruz-Lee-Sessions effort went down in a blaze of glory by a vote of 22-74. (Our very own Richard Burr voted for Cruz’s valiant, but losing effort.)

But then Burr turn right around and pulled a Mark Meadows — taking both sides of the issue and voting FOR the measure he just minutes earlier, with his vote, declared unconstitutional.

Burr also voted FOR cloture — to bring the CRomnibus forward for a final vote.


5 thoughts on “CRomnibus passes Senate. Burr helps. (*Um, Surprise ?!*)

  1. I think it’s pretty obvious how “establishment” Sen. Burr is, and just what all that entails – I think hoping and thinking otherwise is just not very realistic, no matter how many strategically placed bones he may throw the voters he’d like to keep on the fence.

    1. Burr’s frequent habit of voting for the bill before he voted against the bill is one of the reasons he has earned the nickname ”Tricky Dick” Burr.

      1. After helping pass the ruinous CRomnibus, Burr no longer merits the mildly derisive “Tricky Dick.”

        He has graduated to full-blown “Dickhead.”

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