CRomnibus passes Senate. Burr helps. (*Um, Surprise ?!*)

111003_richard_burr_ap_328Ted Cruz (R-TX) and his crew put up a good fight, but — in the end — the horrible, horrible, evil, blood-sucking, baby-killing, puppy-kicking CRomnibus passed the US Senate 56-40.

Cruz, Mike Lee (R-UT), and Jeff Sessions (R-AL) pushed a point of order vote to declare the cromnibus unconstitutional  and derail Barry Obama’s executive action on amnesty.  That truly pissed off the GOP leadership – including Cruz’s fellow Texan John Cornyn.  The Cruz-Lee-Sessions effort went down in a blaze of glory by a vote of 22-74. (Our very own Richard Burr voted for Cruz’s valiant, but losing effort.)

But then Burr turn right around and pulled a Mark Meadows — taking both sides of the issue and voting FOR the measure he just minutes earlier, with his vote, declared unconstitutional.

Burr also voted FOR cloture — to bring the CRomnibus forward for a final vote.