TWO MORE THINGS to hate about CRomnibus

twoThis $1.1 trillion travesty fully funds ObamaCare, amnesty AND Renee Ellmers’s vitally-important women’s museum. It gives some lucrative sweetheart treats to Wall Street and bankers.

All of our Republicans from North Carolina — except Walter Jones (R-3) — were good Boehner sycophants, did as they were told, and voted FOR THIS.  Mark Meadows (R-11) played both sides of the fence — voting FOR a rule to allow a vote on CRomnibus, but AGAINST final passage. 

Well, folks, this bill gets worse as we learn more about it.  It cuts the housing allowance for active duty military members.  (*Because we ALL know active duty military folks are rolling in the cash.*) 

But cheer up. While those folks are adjusting to fewer benefits, our congress-critters are tossing $2.5 BILLION toward “accomodat[ing] illegal immigrants and refugees.”   That’s right.  Pay for the lawbreakers, but cut funding for the brave folks sacrificing to defend our country. 

Meanwhile, ObamaCare and amnesty are still rolling forward, fully-funded, in their shared mission to destroy our society.

3 thoughts on “TWO MORE THINGS to hate about CRomnibus

  1. Keep holding your nose folks. hahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaah HA HA HA

  2. I “love” how people keep calling it “compromise”, because it has things some people like, and stuff some people dont…. it’s not “compromise”, it’s a shopping list.

    There doesnt seem to have been a whole lotta horse-trading… just going through all the member’s pet wish lists and throwing it all on as they head out the door.

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