Virginia Foxx: Hatin’ on Heritage. (Lovin’ some Boehner.)

moleWe have stuff — audio, video, photos, pdfs, and the like — coming over the transom all the time and dropping into our laps.  One of the latest arrivals is an audio recording of US Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-5th-NC) talking with some voters during The Civitas Institute’s Conservative Leadership Conference in Raleigh at the end of March.

One of our moles was close by when the conversation occurred, and confirmed for us that it is indeed Foxx on the recording.  She’s very pleasant with the voters, until she learns at least two of them — North Carolinians Ginny Quaglia and Mary Ann McCarthy — are affiliated with Heritage Action,  the DC-based Heritage Foundation’s political wing.  Foxx can be heard on the tape saying to the reported Heritage activist:

“You don’t really care if we’re in the majority or the minority.  You’ll raise your money anyway.”

(AS IF she doesn’t run around making political speeches and raising money … )

The group of voters — including the Heritage activist — can be heard on the tape quizzing Foxx about congressman Mark Walker’s “A+ Amendment” to HR 5 (Reauthorization of No Child Left Behind.) 

Foxx can once again be heard on the tape training her fire at Quaglia and McCarthy: 112_foxx_nc05

“It’s only because of Jim DeMint’s ego that you wanted that A-plus amendment.  There is no sense of accountability there.  Look at A+ and show me where there’s any accountability.”

This all sounds incredibly similar to another caught-on-tape rant a few years ago by congresswoman Renee Ellmers.  DeMint and his crew are clearly getting under the skin of the GOP establishment in DC. 

Foxx can also be heard on the tape bristling at conservative criticism of Speaker John Boehner and his leadership team. (Foxx is a member of the House Republican leadership team, herself.) :

“Don’t impugn Boehner’s conservative credentials.  John Boehner fought Barack Obama and Harry Reid tooth-and-nail for those opportunity scholarships.  He is totally responsible for getting the money and setting them up.”

Foxx can also be heard on the tape challenging a voter’s assertion that House Republicans ought to take a tougher stand on spending:

”No, ma’am.  You stop saying that.  Show me in The Constitution where it says the House controls the purse-strings.”

(Um, Okay.  If we’re going to have a civics lesson ….)

Foxx must have stopped and thought about that, because she did a little back-pedaling and CYA:

“Yes, revenue bills begin in the House.  Yet, the Senate has to concur and the president has to sign it.”

Foxx can be heard on the tape lecturing the voters about how “incrementalism” is the only way to (there it is) get things done in Washington.  (*Yeah, kind of like how the Democrats behaved in shoving ObamaCare down our throats in 2009.*)

Some of the other profundities oozing out of Ms. Virginia’s mouth included: (1) dismissing town halls as a waste of time (“You can write me a note or call me.”), and (2) suggesting that you need to possess an actual House of Representatives voting card to truly “know what it’s really like” in DC.

It’s pretty clear this woman has become a creature of Washington.  The folks back home are an annoyance.  She’s forgotten where she came from. 

Foxx has a primary opponent in May 2016. (Just sayin’.)

20 thoughts on “Virginia Foxx: Hatin’ on Heritage. (Lovin’ some Boehner.)

  1. I’m sure just like in Mississippi, the DC establishment will do whatever it takes to “keep one of their own”.

    1. They are already trying to do that to save Ellmers, but I don’t think that one will work. Too much has happened that has allowed ordinary voters to see that Ellmers is a complete phoney. They can’t keep her miserable big government record covered up.

      Foxx is a tougher nut to crack, because she still has a false conservative facade with voters, based on the fact that before she went native in Washington, she really was a conservative. However, the way to tag any of them is to hang Boehner around their necks. Voters are getting the message on that. A poll just before the leadership election, for example, showed that 60% of Republican voters wanted Boehner out as Speaker while only 18% wanted to keep him, and that was before Boehner’s betrayal on funding Obama’s executive amnesty. I would bet the numbers are even higher now. Races like Foxx’s should be made referendums on Boehner. Tie Foxx to him tight enough and she will sink like a stone.

    2. It always amazes me how these idiots get voted into office. I bet this old loon has not even read the Constitution she has sworn to uphold.

      Calling Boehner a “conservative” is laughable.

  2. More GOP hatin’ on $ome Christians. Why doe$ the GOP hate Christians $o much?

    Religious freedom bill dead for the session, NC House Speaker says


    Facing opposition from busine$$ leader$ and fellow Republican$, N.C. Hou$e $$$peaker Tim Moore announced Thur$day that the Hou$e will not take up controversial “religious freedom” legislation, effectively killing it for this se$$ion.

    “For this session, the bill is not going to move,” Moore said during a hastily called news conference. Code speak for (so that we can move more other bills, you know Benjamins/$100 bills into our pockets)

    Why doe$ the GOP hate Christians $o much?
    Sorry Christian’s values don’t sell down at the political whorehouse, no money in it and damaging to the Republican brand.

    1. He seems to love environmental extremists and liberal special interests, but wants to screw Christians. Is that his Chapel Hill liberal chief of staff who has a history of voting in Democrat primaries guiding his position or he is that liberal on his own?

      Louisiana Republican Governor Bobby Jindal just blasted the GOP leadership in Indiana and Arkansas for being spineless when Gaystapo demanded they make Christians second class citizens. It looks like the good Governor Jindal needs to fire up on spineless Republicans in North Carolina, too.

      If wish North Carolina could trade McCrory to Louisiana for Governor Jindal. He would be a breath of fresh air in our state. Jindal is great, across the board, while McCrory is only a mixed bag.

      We also need to realize that any Republican who is swayed by the ”business leaders” of the likes of the Chamber of Commerce is a closet Democrat. Several decades ago, the Chamber supported free enterprise, less taxes, and less regulation, and stayed out of things like social and foreign policy issues. Today, the Chamber is hard left on just about anything other than economic issues, and even on them is more crony capitalist oriented than free market oriented. The Chamber is okay with Obamacare and a major cheerleader for amnesty for illegal aliens, so they are wildly out of sync with the GOP base on the two top issues for most GOP activists.

      Principled Republicans need to tell the Chamber and their ilk that we are pro-free enterprise but they are out of their orbit when they start getting into things like social issues. The Chamber in the last couple of elections has been hard core anti-conservative, and any Republican aligned with them needs to be viewed in that light. These days the Chamber is as downright liberal as the AFL-CIO. The business group you can still trust are the small businesses of the National Federation of Independent Business. Big business these days is in an incestuous relationship with Big Government.

  3. Truly sad to see this. She “was” one of my favorites. That seems such a long time ago now.

  4. This article sums up most of the reasons Foxx needs to be replaced. Thank you for this great piece and thank you to Mary Ann and Ginny for standing up for we the people! I would be honored to serve the people of North Carolina’s 5th district in Congress. Serve as in I understand what it means to be a citizen servant. I’m hoping that I can make a difference and make our voices heard in DC. Please join Team We the People if you’d like to help me #MakeDCListen

    1. Pattie, We need you more than ever as evidenced by Foxx’s display of unscripted inside the beltway think. She is an example of everything that’s wrong with DC. She thinks by telling us “You all lay off, we’ll do better” will make us do just that. It only makes us stand up and shout!!!

  5. When your representative defects to the opposition it is time to send her home. Virginia Foxx had abandoned the Conservative principles she had when she was first elected. She now talks the talk but does not walk the walk. I am glad she had a primary opponent. Check out the 5th District NC new Conservative, Liberty Candidate.

  6. Great article, Brant. I was there when this interaction took place as were several others. In fact I was on the receiving end of Representative Foxx’s little tirade It’s important to know that this was completely unprovoked, by us anyway. We were simply trying to get set up to make a presentation to NC activists on how to use Twitter effectively as a tool in the grassroots toolbox. That being said, a couple of other things transpired that are important to note. To say that the Congresswoman’s behavior was indicative of everything that is wrong with Washington DC would have been an understatement. The sit down and shut up & we know better than you attitude was there on full display.

    She told us, “Don’t impugn Boehner’s conservative credentials.” We then replied, “Perhaps when Boehner stops impugning conservatives we’ll be more on his side.” We then asked, “If Speaker Boehner is so conservative, why did he need to get votes from the Democrats in order to pass President Obama’s illegal amnesty?” The Congresswoman replied, “When you can’t get votes from people because you let the perfect be the enemy of the good, that’s y’alls problem. Incrementally, that’s the only way you’re going to get there.” What does that mean? Does that mean the GOP controlled House and Senate are only going to pass legislation they know the President is going to sign? Is this why Republicans were given the sweeping victory in 2014? When we offered that we were sold a bill of goods by GOP leadership and how they refuse to reign in Obama as promised, Foxx declared, “When you have a voting card you can decide how you will vote. Until then you don’t have a say.” We offered, naively it seemed, that we thought the voting card belonged to the people of her district who she represents.

    Foxx likes to use football analogies and spoke about how the Republicans just need to make small plays to get to the goal post. When we challenged that the other team continues to move the goal posts–with a wagging finger she gave us a number of choice statements: “You’re changing the analogy…no, no, no. We can keep them from changing the goal post if we do what we’re (GOP leadership) doing.” “A bunch of guys (i.e. conservatives in Congress) say they become impure if there’s education in the federal government.” “God has not put me in charge. If he put in me charge I would change things very quickly.” “ I’m a receiver with the football, I see the goal and I can get there eventually, but I have to make a first down.” “Incrementally is the only way you are going to get there.” As grassroots activists this has become one of the key talking points by the GOP establishment – AKA Sit down & Shut Up. We know better than you. We refuse to sit down and when told to shut up we get louder. Apparently that is not going over too well with the political elite in DC.

    As for town halls in Foxx’s district, don’t look for any. “Town halls are spectacles”, she stated. The Congresswoman exclaimed that she’ll meet with anybody at any time but she likes her constituents to write letters and she will reply with a very long letter. In fact she likes to attach bills to the letter so her constituents can read them. We suggested to her that most Americans are very worried about what’s happening to our country and they need to see their representatives. Most Americans are working and can’t take time to travel to DC and don’t know how to contact their reps. Town halls in the district are a vital exchange of information and help reps to keep their finger on the pulse of their constituents. We proceeded to ask her how any average American would have time to read 1000+ page bills, to which the Congresswoman explained, “We don’t have very many of those anymore.” How about that recent 660 page HR5 –( which by the way is making a comeback), we wanted to know. Foxx said, “You know why HR5 was so long? Because we were tying the hands of the department (of education).”

    She left us with a wag of her finger, “You guys lay off, we’ll do better.” In other words, they know best and the great unwashed need to sit down and shut up. How about she and the rest of the beltway barnacles do better by following their election mandate and do what we sent them to do …block Obama’s destructive policies and illegal actions to halt and reverse the “fundamental transformation” of America. Apparently the Foxx in the henhouse wants to rule the roost.

    1. Foxx is a poster girl for term limits. She was great when she went there, but I guess drinking the inside the beltway water too long rots ones brain or something. There are too many up there like her such as Orrin Hatch in the Senate who was great several decades ago, but now his brain has turned to mush. If these people will not voluntarily sideline themselves when they have been there too long, then someone needs to help sideline them. I am glad to see Mrs. Curran doing that in this district. I hope someone will rise to the occaision in McHenry’s district. McHenry also voted to fund the Obama executive amnesty. At least conservatives got some good service for a few years out of Foxx before she went over to the dark side. Conservatives got no service out of Renee Ellmers who went over to the beltway bozos almost as soon as she got there.

      I wish I was there when this conversation happened. I would have loved to ask her why, if Boehner was doing so great, polls showed that 60% of Republican voters wanted him replaced as Speaker and only 18% wanted to keep him.

      We do seem to have some who are able to maintain their perspective over many years and not get corrupted by the beltway bozos. Senator Helms and Congressman Jones come to mind in that category.

      Go Pattie! We need fresh blood in the 5th!

  7. If you want to join our team of Heritage Action Sentinels, please sign up at We hold Congress’ feet to the fire using actual policy knowledge as our most effective tool. You can see in this story how it makes the elites hostile when we know more than they do on the issues.

  8. No surprises here, Foxx has been inducted into the Republican Establishment Party…….Conservative-not by a long shot. Voice of the people-not hardly. We need a true Conservative.We need someone who will listen and be the voice of the people. We need someone who is one of us and knows the problems that the people are facing. We need someone who is NOT a politician. And that someone is PATTIE CURRAN. #WeNeedPattie……..

  9. I definitely think they all need term limits however since it is up to them it won’t happen. When they are rewarded with leadership positions they have a tendency to forget We The People and show allegiance to the special interests who can line their pockets. They have become Oligarchs thanks to the lobbyists. I think it is time to retire all of them. I wish us luck. I wish we could put them all in orange jumpsuits. It would befitting for the situation.

  10. Congresswoman Foxx is my representative and this behavior is nothing new. Over the years she has become less tolerant of criticism, real or imagined. A Town Hall meeting would force her to think on her feet instead of hiding behind a staff which handles all of her e-mails and correspondence. So it does not surprise me she sees no value in them because they have no value to her, and their value to her constituents is of no concern to her.
    I will not cast my vote for Ms. Foxx again.

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