Tilli$$ schmoozes, fawns over Ukraine’s Zelensky, DPI’s Truitt

Thom Tillis and his coterie will not hesitate to question your patriotism if you dare to question their desire to keep pumping billions of dollars-we-don’t-have down that rathole called the Russia-Ukraine Conflict.  Just the other day, our senior senator was in Munich — with a bunch of Democrats — to fawn over Ukrainian president Vladimir Zelensky.  (Check out the video.)

There are no heroes in this conflict.  There are a whole lot more  nations — specifically western and Central European nations — who have a hell of a lot more interest in this matter than we do.  Tillis apologists claim they’re only interested in throwing billions in cash at Ukraine, and not committing US troops.  Okay, then what’s with the recent arrival of all those US troops in neighboring Poland?

It seems like just yesterday that Tillis was on Tucker Carlson’s TV show complaining about how everything on our southern border is FINE and that we don’t need a border wall. That’s right.  Billions to Ukraine to preserve and protect their internal security.  Peanuts – or nothing – for our problematic border situation. 

All kinds of reports are emerging about how US-provided weaponry to Ukraine is ending up in the “black market” and that our money is being used to fund salaries and pensions of Ukrainian government bureaucrats.

Tonight, Tillis is back in North Carolina trying to save one of his fellow liberal Republicans.  NC Department of Public Instruction superintendent Catherine Truitt is in the primary fight of her life against conservative Michele Morrow.  Tillis has sounded the alarm for all his special interest paymasters to turn out for Truitt at a Raleigh country club. 

So, that’s at least two things we don’t want that our senior senator – our alleged “representative” in DC — is attempting to shove down our throats.  (His attempt to give us US senator Pat McCrory didn’t work so well.  Maybe these two endeavors will go the same way for him.)