NC-02: Clay keeping pace with Renee in money chase

It’s an overwhelmingly conservative congressional district.  A two term incumbent is running for reelection.  But Clay Aiken’s star power isca1 apparently helping to make a race of it:

“American Idol” runner-up Clay Aiken announced raising $450,000 from April through June for his bid in North Carolina’s 2nd District — more than his Republican opponent, GOP Rep. Renee Ellmers. […]  Aiken had just $74,000 in cash on hand as of April 16, a few weeks before the state’s May 6 primary.

[…] Ellmers raised $396,000 in the second quarter, including numbers from her pre-primary report, which covered April 1-16. She reported $405,000 in the bank as of June 30.

Here’s what we found in FEC records.  As of June 30, Aiken had $589,015 in individual contributions to $304,910 for Ellmers. Ellmers blew away Aiken in PAC / Committee contributions — $993,132 to $21,000.   That’s right. Nearly ONE MILLION from PACs. 

Cash-on-hand is also a significant benchmark in campaign treasuries.  As of 6/30, Aiken had $209,145 on hand, while Ellmers had $405,039.

5 thoughts on “NC-02: Clay keeping pace with Renee in money chase

  1. Clay Aiken is way smarter than the incumbent. He understands and I hope the people of the 2nd district wake up.

    1. One thing NC does not need is a smart liberal. We need to elect in 2014 the easiest candidate for a true conservative to take out in 2016. That should be the only consideration for conservatives in voting in district 2 this year. Neither candidate on the ballot is worth a crap. Will Aiken be easier to roll in a general election in 2016 or will Ellmers be easier to take out in a primary? That is the key on how to vote.

      1. Raphael, you need to do some research on Clay’s background and upbringing. If we don’t remove Elmers now it will be harder in 2016.

        1. His background and upbringing do not matter at all compared to his positions on issues, where he is an Obamacrat.

          Sadly, the 2nd district has a choice between two real duds, an Obama Democrat and an Obama Republican. The next two years is a lost cause for that district whichever way it goes. The key will be getting a solid conservative elected in 2016.

  2. I think many across the country realizes that NC is moving more to the left on social issues. Sending Clay to Congress would remove Elmers but more importantly get more members of Congress to take NC seriously.

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