A drive-by media Panic Attack over the Poet Laureate

culkinOur Medicaid system is trying to break the bank.  The board of elections is swamped with vote fraud complaints.  An audit of a powerful state senator’s finances has mysteriously disappeared.  The Coastal Resources Commission is actively defying the General Assembly and blocking the appointment of some global warming skeptics. And our drive-by media has its collective panties in a wad over the selection process for North Carolina’s new poet laureate.

WRAL, McClatchy — the parent company of The N&O, The Charlotte Observer — and other drive-by media outlets have spit out enough copy on this non-story to fill TEN PAGES of Google search results. 

Of course, part of the blame for this nonsense goes to Gov. Pat.  It’s fine that he picked this woman. But he should have called for the position to be totally defunded of state revenue. bill-cosby-500

Gov. Pat defended himself by saying he wanted to open up the opportunity to “non-elites,’‘ but also promised a full “review” of the poet laureate selection process.  SERIOUSLY ????