Guess what? Sen. Burr STILL meddling in GOP primaries.

burrHe took some heat for his financial support of a slander campaign against Senator Thad Cochran’s 2014 conservative primary challenger in Mississippi.  He publicly sided with Thom Thilli$$$ in North Carolina’s 2014 US Senate primary — while nearly TWO handfuls of Republican candidates were in the race.

In the June 2016 special congressional primaries, congressman Robert Pittenger was locked in a heated three-way primary challenge in a seriously redrawn district.  (Pittenger was also reportedly under scrutiny from the IRS and FBI for his private business dealings.)   Never mind the presence of two other viable GOP challengers. Senator Richard Burr was ready to help.

saywhatBurr’s leadership PAC — The Next Century Fund — cut Pittenger a check for $5000 on May 24, 2016.  Election day for the congressional primaries in North Carolina was June 7.   Pittenger ended up eking out a 142-vote victory against Union County businessman Todd Johnson and Charlotte Pastor Mark Harris.  Pittenger, like Burr, gained notoriety for publicly ridiculing the idea of fighting ObamaCare implementation. 

6 thoughts on “Guess what? Sen. Burr STILL meddling in GOP primaries.

  1. The worst Burr intrusion in a GOP primary was in the last Mississippi GOP runoff. Burr helped finance a really disgusting independent smear campaign against the conservative stalwart who had been the top votegetter in the first round, State Senator Chris McDaniel. The campaign involved some of the most offensive race baiting imaginable to get black Democrats to improperly vote in the GOP runoff against McDaniel.

    Here is the disgusting story:

    The Senate Conservatives Fund traced the money for that racebaiting independent campaign straight back to seven US Senators, one of whom was Richard Burr. They dubbed this group ”the Shameful Seven”.

    Burr has never even bothered to apologize for his deplorable conduct in this primary. Richard Burr is a scumbag of the worst order.

  2. They’re all that way in supporting their buddies; they take care of each other. NC Senator Rabin sent me a snarky message a while back when I called him a RINO for supporting Renee Ellmers. Rabin whined that he wasn’t a RINO and Ellmers was his friend. So friends mean more they being a Conservative and a representative of NC02.

    I’m not voting for Burr (rest of voting family isn’t as well); definitely not voting for Ross either. That bubble will be left blank.

    Burr better dig up some dead votes to beat Ross. I’m sure her folks are already in the cemetery digging away.

      1. From what I have heard the main two who talked him out of his retirement plans were Mitch McConnell and Paul Shumaker, a pair of scoundrels if there ever was one. The sooner McConnell, Shumaker, and Burr are out of politics the better.

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